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Martin Schmid … HP Velotechnik triker from Germany

Martin’s HP Velotechnik Scorpion recumbent tadpole trike

If you like HP Velotechnik trikes, and who wouldn’t, and you enjoy seeing how other trikers use them, you may enjoy Martin Schmid and his rides and tours. Martin began touring in 2015, and continues through today, riding all over the countryside. On his website’s touring page, he has his rides categorized by year. He has a website and a YouTube channel, both of which are rich with recumbent tricycle material. Martin says on his website:

“One of my passions is day trips or tours with my recumbent trike for several days. What started as an experiment became my biggest hobby over time. A lucky coincidence in 2014 brought me into contact with a recumbent tricycle. I quickly began to love the relaxed ride with the panoramic view and went on to work with my own recumbent tricycle every day.”

He is clearly a man who is passionate about recumbent tadpole trike riding! When you visit his extensive website, wait until each page fully loads, and then your browser will pop up a dialog box asking if you wish to translate the page (the pages are in German). If you speak and read German, there is no need, but for me, since I have not studied the language since my three years of instruction in high school, I instruct my browser to translate into English, which it does quite well.

In Martin’s videos, he speaks German, but even if you do not speak or understand the words, you will still be able to see and appreciate the country and region through which he trikes. Here is an example from his YouTube page:

To visit Martin’s YouTube page, click HERE.

To visit Martin’s trike website, and his trike page, click HERE.

If you love to watch recumbent trike movie presentations, there are many videos on his YouTube channel, which will keep you engaged for hours.

Martin Schmid can be contacted through his website HERE.


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