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Triker and Doctor William Cortvriendt available to help you!

You may remember William Cortvriendt from several interesting Trike Asylum posts, and his individual Trike Asylum page. The good doctor believes tricycling has definitive and long lasting health advantages over the typical sedentary lifestyle enjoyed by millions. He rides an HP Velotechnik fs26 Scorpion, an elegantly engineered German recumbent tricycle designed for maximum comfort and utility, which he pedaled across the United States in 2015. This fellow is super fit and in it for the long haul! He knows his stuff!

Dr. William Cortvriendt on his overland journey with the HP Velotechnik trike

On April 28, 2014, yours truly (Trike Hobo) finished reading William’s fascinating book titled “Living a Century or More, A Scientifically Fact-Based Journey to Longevity“, which presented many keys to living long and finishing strong. For a dedicated, and some may well say fanatical health, fitness, and longevity enthusiast like myself, the book was a fun read. Well, recently, I have once again been in touch with Dr. Cortvriendt, and he has authored a follow-up book that will help many people on this planet, who are sincerely interested in improving their health, find ways to do so that will astound them! There is something in this new book for practically everyone.

Titled “Total Health Reset: Stay healthy, lose weight, and cure chronic diseases“, it is William’s new work that everyone needs to know. But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just a post to introduce his new book to Trike Asylum readers – it is also an open invitation from the doc to assist readers of this website who ride trikes and have a serious desire to turn their lives around. Yep, you are able to contact William directly and perhaps find some solutions to your health problems! What a generous and altruistic offer this is! But before you hurry off to take advantage of this, please read an excerpt of what William recently wrote to me, and then watch a couple of explanatory YouTube presentations:

Hi Steve,

My new book Total Health Reset has been released last week in English. The documentaries (50 minutes) are only available in Dutch, so not really accessible for an English speaking audience. However, there are a couple of summaries in English (2.5 minute each) that are linked to the book introduction. By all means, spread the news, since the results were absolutely miraculous and have since been repeated with hundreds of patients both in The Netherlands and in the USA. Anyone who suffers from metabolic syndrome (basically, this is any combination of overweight or obesity, cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, hypertriglyceraemia) can dramatically improve, if not become completely cured! Feel free to spread the word. In the event you know of any Trike Asylum readers who might be seeking personal advice, they can mail me ( I feel that I am on a mission, and will treat any of them free of charge. Kind regards, and keep continuing with your fantastic Trike Asylum site!


Below are the two short video presentations for English-speaking audiences:

What was Dr. Cortvriendt’s motivation to compile the new book? Well, in addition to his sincere desire to help folks live healthy long lives, here is how he explained it to me:

I wrote the book after I was invited by Endemol – one of the largest TV producers – to make a documentary about my previous book Living a Century or More. They challenged me to treat chronically sick patients with my lifestyle advice and guess what: All the chronically ill participants that Endemol had selected recovered within weeks from what we usually refer to as Western diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension and arthritis. One guy who barely was alive with 13 different medicines was able to stop his six-times-daily insulin injections and stop nearly all other medications as well. The cardiologist decided to only keep a blood thinner, just for future protection. Six million people watched this documentary. I was asked by the Minster of Health in The Netherlands to advise the Dutch government, and I sold 100,000+ books in The Netherlands. So I decided to translate this Dutch book ‘Hoe word je 100’ into English and gave it the title ‘Total Health Reset.’

Well, I don’t know about you, but rarely do offers of assistance to us humble trike pilots come along from doctors, many of whom seem more motivated to just prescribe pills and schedule surgeries. William Cortvriendt is a unique soul with a kind heart, and, lucky for all of us Trike Asylum readers, also just so happens to be a genuine die-hard human powered recumbent tricycle fanatic. You can now speak to a fellow overland triker, who happens to be a highly qualified medical professional, albeit one who sees our human health in a far healthier vision than traditional medicine. If you have finally had enough of the typical “pills, medications, and scalpels” mentality of the profitable, and often impersonal, medical establishment, and are now seriously ready to take some personal responsibility for your own health, fitness, and longevity, now is a good time for the new adventure to begin! You may wish to read William’s two books and give him a shout.

The Trike Hobo displays Dr. Cortvriendt’s first book, Living a Century or More.

William’s new book, Total Health Reset:

Available HERE if you are ready for the challenge!

Further images of William Cortvriendt and his tricycle adventures:



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  1. I do agree most doctors are into throwing pills too much. Both my dad and my mom are retired doctors, and when I was a kid our pediatrician lived literally next door. They all agreed drugs should be used sparingly and under strict control, something modern medicine seems too eager to ignore.

    Oddly enough, my health problem is the exact opposite of most: I’m extremely skinny, and no matter how much I eat I never gain fat. I wasn’t worried for that until two weeks ago when I fainted for no reason at all! I’m still being checked, but preliminary results points out my eating habits are not matched to my metabolism.

    November 9, 2017 at 3:52 am