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Camping, riding, meeting friend – a great day on the road!

This is an excellent presentation from Matt Galat of the JaYoe world tour. He meets a new friend, has a good time at the campground, helps his buddy decide on what cargo is needed on his bike, gets supplies at a bike shop, rides up an insanely steep hill, and even lets his new buddy ride his JaYoe trike down that same hill later that evening (Matt was worried). There is a LOT to like in this one, so here ya’ go Triking Fanatics of Earth:

Oh, and check out the T-shirt Matt’s new cycling buddy is wearing! Cool! Both these guys are going to cycle together up to Mount Fuji. This should be a fun segment of Matt’s challenging overland tricycle journey. Stay tuned.

Mount Fuji, Japan – elevation: 3,776.24 meters (12,389.2 feet)


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