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Azub fatrike creates controversy after seen on city street!

Corrine Gurtler riding a new Azub fatrike on the city street in winter

Fatrike Forum member Corrine Gurtler had a photo posted on Facebook of riding an Azub fatrike down the street in winter (see photo above). It generated a lot of commentary, some of it quite intense from non-cycling people. I am reposting the information here so you can read it conveniently if you’d rather not follow the link to Facebook. Please express your own thoughts on the issues raised in the commentary. To get this post started, here is one of many comments you will read from the Facebook posting:

“Register and insure your bike if you are in traffic!!!!! Laws should be made on this !!!!!!! Putting winter drivers at risk with your bike! Stupid! Guess all you will need is to get hit by a motor vehicle before you learn!”

Another Facebook member even had this to say about the Azub fatrike on the street:

“Oh boy, bigger hazards on the road!”

Okay, below are all the comments that started all of this online discussion. This sure seems a divisive topic amongst car drivers and cyclists, but as one Facebook member mentioned, trike riders and cyclists also drive cars and pay taxes.

Here is the link to the Facebook page if you would like to read it there (as you will also be able to see all the replies to each of these comments – even more thoughts):

Facebook fatrike discussion

Okay, here is the commentary to date, as copied from the Facebook page into this Fatrike Forum page (Keep in mind that this is from Facebook, so the most recent comments are towards the top. If you wish to read this chronologically, as the comments actually originally appeared from first to most recent, then just start reading all these comments from the bottom up.):

Sarah Jones: Who thinks cyclist need to be registered and licensed just as much as motor vehicles and they should have to have insurance as they can be the cause of an accident with motor vehicles, contribute to the maintenance of clearing and maintaining bike paths. How do you report a bad cyclist not adhering to the rules of the road? There are exceptions of good cyclists, but as previous people have noted, riding tandem is an issue, coming up the inside of a vehicle already turning, crossing through red lights, a quick jerk beyond the bike path maybe to avoid an obstacle in front of a vehicle causes that driver to have to react even quicker as the cyclist is not protected by a shell…What do you think? I for one respect that cyclist want to make a green choice however I don’t think they should be exempt from having a valid license plate visable to the public (road users and path users) , insuarnace to cover any incident they may be involved in and complete a safe riding course regarding rules of the road for cyclist.

Rob Pelletier: There is plenty of room for all of us. If you are unsure what to do, consult your driver’s handbook for a reminder that you must legally yield to all cyclists. Let’s work together to keep all cyclists, pedestrians and drivers safe and sound.

Louise Dixon: I don’t think people no justhow dangerous winter bikes are. Poor lights on them, darkness, snow piles on the side of almost all roads tones of clothing on the riders and if something happens it would be the driver that would fe el the worst as he she is in the big truck, Or car ,!!!

Yarrum Numb: All these anti-cyclist comments! Though I wouldn’t want to be pushing the weight of all those big wheels up Two Mile Hill, full thumbs up for the perseverance and fortitude. Make room for cyclists, quit last-seconding through the yellow and red lights, and take it easy on the roads. Why praise the single-occupant vehicles and diss the non-polluting cyclist? They are doing unselfish good you might want to emulate. The more do this, the better the City will keep the road-edges cleared. But yes, cyclists do need better reflectors and lighting–and that chin strap needs to be attached!

Casey Kemble: I am amazed there hasn’t been any cyclist killed, especially in Winter. Not as well marked as a vehicle, in the actual traffic lane and just generally thinking they’re a car.

Greg Oldridge: better duck down and get a license for your new bike. Pretty anti cycling, do they realise cyclist drive cars too and already pay road maintenance etc?

Kathi Brent-Brakefield: I wonder why there are cyclists on 2nd avenue at all, what with that beautiful bile trail along the river.

John Vanderkley: I agree with Sarah Jones , but i would like to add that bylaw and RCMP should watch and ticket any infractions perpetrated by cyclists , like driving on sidewalks and becoming pedestrians at traffic lights , ignoring traffic lights ,cycling against traffic etc etc !

Jean Inconneau: Any contraption like that should be licensed, registered and require insurance. No license tag and it gets impounded. No insurance and the driver gets fined.

Ray Biggs: Oh boy, bigger hazards on the road!

Daria Jordan: Heather Jordan Shayna Jordan and these are the people that almost get hit because they think they’re better then the rules of the road.

Rick Lawson: Lights and reflectors would be a good idea.

Don Livingstone: Please light up your bike and trailer good, you would not believe how hard it is to see you.

Louise Dixon: God I hope I don’t meet this on the river dale bridge!

Rob Pelletier: The more I read these comments, the more I see that there is a huge problem here.

Bellalinga Minalina: register and insure your bike if you are in traffic!!!!! Laws should be made on this !!!!!!! Putting winter drivers at risk with your bike! Stupid! Guess all you will need is to get hit by a motor vehicle before you learn!

Bellalinga Minalina: So I guess one big accident with a cyclist in winter will have to happen before it will be made law of registration and insurance on cyclists !

Ray Biggs: If only people would stay in the bike lanes.

Ruby Booth: You should be selling kid rides through town with that , since no one with a pony is.

Faye Silvester: Guess the city better keep those bike lanes cleared. . .

Mike Turek: Could use an electric motor.

Monika Juers: Wow so cool

Nancy Beaman: Coolness for coolness

Antje Beaman: oh my goodness


2 responses

  1. Alonzo Savage

    Here in England I get very few adverse comments when riding my trike. When drivers ask about my being afraid of not being seen because the trike is so low; I point to the white line in the centre of the road and say that I’m not lower than it. Plus I have two flags flapping away at driver eye level. Our roads are narrow compared the roads in the USA so I always make sure that I get out of the way of commercial vehicles whenever possible.
    As to being licensed, well car drivers over here don’t pay road tax they pay a pollution tax and me and my trike do not pollute, unless I’ve had beans for breakfast. As to insurance yes that’s a sensible idea and being a member of the CTC over here does the job. It is high time that the selfish people of this world started to be more sociable to others and that includes cyclists that run red lights, ride without lights and ride down the narrow inside of traffic queues. The solution is simple, THINK OF OTHERS.

    November 4, 2017 at 12:17 am

  2. armadillozack

    Some people have nothing to do but complain all day…! If it were a car and not a trike they would still complain , So just live life as you do and remember what good you do for the planet by riding a recumbent, or any cycle for that matter…!

    November 4, 2017 at 12:32 pm