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The latest evolution of two ICE T trikes …

Over in England, where ICE trikes are made, TA follower Alonzo Savage has been upgrading his trike and that of his wife over the last few years. What began as standard ICE model T trikes with 20” wheels all round, changed to 26” rear wheeled machines, with bar end shifters replacing the original grip-shift setup. Then ICE came up with the 26” rear suspension, so Alonzo contacted the Trike Guru Kevin Dunseath of Dtekhpvs his ‘local’ purveyor of all things recumbent both trike and bike.

Alonzo inquired about buying new ICE trikes with full suspension, and he was ready to shell out significant amounts of cash for the job, like the better part of five-grand each, but Kevin said, “NO – you are perfectly capable of fitting the parts yourself, plus the cruciform on both of your Ts have next to no mileage.” So the parts were obtained, and a mere pittance was paid for them compared to new trikes. Kevin is as honest as they come, says Alonzo, and will help anyone to enjoy their triking. He is also the go-to man for those with disabilities, but who wish to ride a recumbent.

The fitting of all the suspension parts was comparatively straightforward, thanks in part to YouTube instructional films. So at the beginning of 2017, Alonzo’s trike, and that of his wife Margaret, were fitted with front and rear suspension, and they can now ride in more comfort on roads that are a lot less than smooth (and we all have our share of those ;-).


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