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Trike Hobo to sell ICE Full Fat and accessories

Click HERE to read more if you are interested in acquiring this recumbent tricycle.


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  1. Bill Sprague

    So, Steve, will we be seeing a Cross-Fit Hobo blog or are you totally transitioning away from trikes? Whatever your endeavors, I’ll value the time I’ve spend on this blog and reading your books. I’m to new to triking to even consider purchasing your all-terrain masterwork but all the best for its sale. So, “So long and thanks for the fish.”

    August 30, 2017 at 6:38 am

  2. Jerry Forster

    So is this the end of trike asylum? Are you joining Matt in a two wheeled fat bike? Good luck.

    August 30, 2017 at 7:09 am

  3. armadillozack

    Well first I want to say I wish you well, whatever, or wherever your path in life takes you.. I spent many a day reading your blog,, And I appreciate all encounters you have chosen to take for the benefit of the blog and it’s readers… I know I will feel very disappointed at first, but afterwards when I return from my disillusionment I know that it may have been for the better good for you it’s host…
    Armadillo Zack
    P.S. : I know a few people who may be very interested in Bigfoot, But I did not notice any price you hope to achieve in recompense for the big guy.. Do you have any idea in mind as to what you were looking to attain from it’s sale..? And I don’t think you mentioned either what kind of rear hub is on him. if you could please… Looking to hear from you soon, or if already gone, just a good by than…!

    August 30, 2017 at 9:58 am

  4. trike hobo

    I do not see this as an end to Trike Asylum. This website will remain live regardless of whether is it posted to less often than it is currently, or has been over the years. I have developed many great friendships since my entry into the cycling world in 2009, so I do not wish to just walk away from it all. Essentially what I am doing is adding greater physical challenge to my conditioning programs, which necessarily will mean spending far less time sitting here at this computer and keyboard typing (books and websites). Sure, I do love chatting with all you fine folks, of that there is no doubt, yet I am getting soft physically because I just sit here too long each day in my virtual world, when I want to start living more in my physical world (which has included some of you over the years who have motored through my neck of the woods and connected with me, and we have ridden together in these beautiful Oregon woodlands).

    About a month ago, as I began ramping up my physical challenges to meet my fitness goals for the seventy mark, I got rid of my comfortable office chair and began sitting on what many call a stability ball. This 55 cm. ball is anything but stable however, requiring the body to constantly maintain balance as I work on the computer so that I don’t fall off the side or back onto the carpet. You have probably seen these giant balls at gyms and fitness clubs, which are used for all kinds of great exercises and body work. Anyway, instead of just sitting in a still fixed position, slouching and getting fat, I now move around while doing anything on the computer. I now do abdominal crunches if I am watching a YouTube presentation about fitness or cycling – my abs are already showing marked improvement. I can also gently bounce up and down, keeping the blood flowing better, and move my upper body side to side to work my serratus and oblique musculature of the core midsection. When I first decided to give this wacky idea a try, the first few minutes and day, I said “NO way!”, but I persisted for the potential benefits, and now, a month later, sitting on this giant ball is as normal and natural as it used to be sitting in the office chair. I burn up more calories just sitting, that much is certain, and my balance is improving too, something that an “old” codger (not) like me needs as I hang on the edge of the Grim Reaper’s abyss ;-)

    Anyway, don’t be saying any sad goodbyes just yet! I may hang around for a while longer, perhaps posting some new stuff about fatbikes now and then in place of fatrikes. I do not have a new set of wheels yet, as I am in the process of upgrading my personal fitness center. I have just sold a set of dumbbells and their rack in preparation for a more complete, and heavier, set of professional grade dumbbells. Improving one’s physical conditioning and strength doesn’t get any easier as we find ourselves progressing along the path of life, so I figure I better get my act together sooner rather than later. And no, for anyone who may be reading between the lines and interpreting something sinister afoot, there is nothing wrong with me that has prompted this life modification – it’s just part of my decades-long improvement paradigm, that I create as I go. My health is top notch, and I aim to keep it that way. Sure, I’ll go eventually, but I’m a warrior to the end, and will enjoy all I can while I can! No excuses – whatever it takes – 100% at every turn! I feel fantastic, and think this is a great way to respect and enjoy life!

    Yep, I’ll be pedaling a fatbike with my old buddy Matt (he’s actually 18 years my junior) and my new friend Jeff, who I just met formally yesterday because he was the one who purchased my former set of dumbbells and rack for his own fitness improvement plan (he is in his early 50s). Both these guys have fatbikes, and they are a lot of fun to be around. I think I’ll be in very good company. I doubt I will be returning to these recumbent trikes, but you never know. There is little certainly in life. In fact, the only certainty of life is uncertainty.

    Regarding price of Bigfoot Zack, I did not set an amount, as you will notice when your read the page under “Steve Stuff” about the sale (top item in that menu – click the link in today’s posting). I will just see what develops, assess any offers that come my way, and if I feel so inclined to take one, so be it. Bigfoot will help to finance my fitness center upgrades and the acquisition of a new fatbike. Whoever buys it, and all those accessories, will definitely get a great deal financially, not to mention a great trike. I have put all the accessories and paperwork from ICE into the Rubbermaid trunk that I pulled back in 2009 on my Death Valley Tricycle Expedition, which will all go with the trike, so the buyer will also get that piece of history too.

    With the 2017 Fort Stevens Recumbent Retreat coming up September 8-10th, maybe this will give some passionate trike enthusiast who travels out here to the Pacific Ocean for the event the chance to swing by my place on the way home and get Bigfoot without too much hassle. This type of thing isn’t just something that can be put into the postal mail system. Someone has to load it in a vehicle and drive it away.

    August 30, 2017 at 10:41 am

  5. Dave Beedon

    Steve, I hope your transition to “more upper body workouts” helps to “pump you up.” Cheers.

    August 30, 2017 at 8:52 pm

  6. Bob Devlin

    Wow…I am shocked. The Trike Asylum and following Steve are such a part of my life. Steve doesn’t do anything half way and I can understand his transition into more physical activity. Just can’t help feeling a little sad.

    August 30, 2017 at 9:59 pm

  7. trike hobo

    No need to be bummed or feel sad folks – I’m not going anywhere! I’ll still be out there riding, just on a fattie that will work my bod much more than the three wheelers. This is my 50th year of regular exercising, of pumping the iron, hiking, and what not (actually, this is about my 63rd year of hiking), but the bottom line is that I’ve been into the physical culture aspect of living quite seriously my entire adult life, planning my routines and outcomes as best I can.

    Regarding Trike Asylum, it’s not going anywhere either, but you may see some more attention to fatbikes than before, and I will certainly post about my new set of wheels, which I will be acquiring in later September or October. But as soon as I get it, I’ll take some photos, and maybe do a movie or two, and let you in on my new level of insanity! And Bob, you’ve visited my little village twice over the years, and we have ridden together, and if you come again, we will ride again – you’ll just be sitting lower than I will. Probably Matt will come along too, as he did in our last ride a while back, where we all picked blackberries along the side of the road up the North Fork river drainage!

    Here is the link to our last ride, when I still was pedaling my speedy Catrike 700 – that was a great time:

    August 31, 2017 at 8:40 am