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ICE Sprint in lavender field in Sequim, Washington

Kathie Boley, avid Trike Asylum reader and trike pilot, is spending some time this summer up north in Washington, having left the more southerly areas of California where she and  her husband Paul live, and at every opportunity the triking duo rides their twin ICE Sprint recumbents. She reports that Sequim (pronounced skwim) Washinton, far up by the Canadian border, is a great place to pedal. They found this awesome lavender field, the perfect backdrop for trikes! The two of them plan on attending this year’s recumbent retreat at Fort Stevens State Park in northern Oregon this coming September (where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean). Join ’em!

I bet the aroma from the field was heavenly!


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  1. James E Clark

    Beautiful picture!

    August 2, 2017 at 4:11 am