Are recumbent trikes safe?


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9 Responses to Are recumbent trikes safe?

  1. Richard Stone says:

    I believe that trikes are actually safer. Car seem to give trikes more room than bicycles, probably because they are so used to seeing bicycles, they don’t give them much attention. Also, I think some people think that people on trikes are handicapped.

  2. Definitely they are safe compared to riding a bicycle. However, riders need to be aware that a trike can tip over easier than most probably think and it can happen extremely quick.

  3. david gerstel says:

    i ride a trike daily in sarnano, italy. i have never had a problem. sometimes 10-12 cars trucks and buses will line up behind me on a curvy road.. in three years i have had one car squeeze me, a bmw.
    i always try to ride in the middle on roads which turn. i carry two mirrors, a large flag, large i say,
    and lights.
    i say they are more safe than regular bikes.

  4. Don Kemper says:

    I’m thinking two ways, one is are trikes inherently safer than bikes just as vehicles and the other is are trikes safer to ride on roads/streets.

    On streets and roads, I use a much larger flag the in the video and I can put it higher. I also use bright white front lights and flashing red taillights mounted on a light bar that is over my head when seated, day or night. I wear bright colors, the usual “be seen” approach and that seems to work pretty well. I’ve had no near mishaps with cars.

    My trike can’t keep up with a road bike, I don’t care how fit you are. Cars coming up from behind is more dangerous than from oncoming cars, especially on curves where drivers can’t always see around corners. Same problem for bikes, but, my trike is slower. So I’m careful about choosing routs to ride and so far, no problems. I also don’t mind at all to pull over and let cars pass.

    However, around parking lanes, parking lots, look out! You can run into a car about as easy as a car can run into you. Being lower than bikers, it is difficult for drivers to see you because they can’t see through whatever cars may be parked around where you are riding. You can see through the cars either.

    I think trikes are inherently safer than bicycles simply because they are very stable. Just keep all three wheels on the ground.

    To sum up, be visible, be predictable, be courteous, and be mindful of your best and safest routs.

  5. armadillozack says:

    Trikes in my opinion are as safe as any other cycle, ether it be 1 wheel, or 4.. It has to do with how you ride, and how much safety you take when riding…! Be respectful of the rode you ride and remember always that you could be that bug on the windshield if you do not respect it..!

  6. Rodger says:

    Even in your “demo video” which showed you hugging the side of the road vs Taking The Lane – the vehicle traffic took wide births around your trike.

    Re-do the same thing with-out making it obvious that you have A Camera and leave The Flag. Ride in a more proper section of the road and your will see the same Vehicle To Trike Reactions.

  7. Kurt says:

    I think this is the wrong question. It implies some activities are categorically safe and others not, which is not the case. Most consider driving an automobile to be “safe” yet thousands die doing it every day. Some consider cycling “unsafe” despite undeniable health benefits.
    Better questions:
    1) What are the actual risks of riding a trike?
    2) How can the risks be mitigated? (there are many ways, several pointed out in this thread)
    3) Do the personal benefits of riding a trike outweigh the mitigated risk?
    For any activity or endeavor we can choose to believe what we are told is safe or figure it out on our own. For me and trikes it’s a pretty simple decision.

  8. steve greene says:

    For the safest trike if one is considering riding in car traffic, the new 26-inch fatrikes are a good bet. Compared to the other standard trikes I’ve owned, I now show up far more. At the fatrike level, my head and eyes are on the same level as a driver of a standard sedan. Of course, one drawback of fatrikes is that they don’t corner like a low-sitting trike, but then, fatrikes aren’t made for speedy racing around, haha. So there ya’ have my two-cent’s worth – See ya’ …

  9. trike hobo says:

    Living is unsafe. Just being born is a death sentence – just a matter of time. Might as well have fun while we can on a tricycle! Yee haa …

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