Are recumbent trikes good at climbing hill?


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7 Responses to Are recumbent trikes good at climbing hill?

  1. Richard Stone says:

    It appears to me that this question really has two parts: is a trike good at climbing hills, and is a trike good a t climbing hills fast? Answer to part the first: yes. In a low gear I have no more of a problem than on a df bike. Answer to part the second: no.

  2. Jaci Gibson says:

    I live where there are nothing but hills. I put a schlump mountain drive and there isn’t a hill I can’t climb. Speed isn’t my goal. Getting there is!😉

  3. Dave Beedon says:

    I have the same response as that given by Richard Stone. This question annoys me because it seems like it’s used by people to disparage trikes. What does it matter if trikes are good or bad at climbing hills? Every tool is a compromise. People buy things for what they can do, not for what they cannot do. Bikes are good at some things and bad at others. Same goes for trikes. If the “trikes climbing hills” question comes up again I’m going to do something out of character.

  4. trike hobo says:

    I agree Dave! Trikes make hill climbing easy – no drunken-appearing weaving as folks do on bicycles, just steady progress. I am not concerned with speed anymore, although it seems to me that the majority of cycling writings are always comparing speed as an essential aspect of human powered propulsion. Clearly, trikes are excellent at hill climbing!

  5. armadillozack says:

    I agree with the majority, If you can climb a hill any faster then any of the other cycles than God bless you.. But if you are a realist than your concern should be focused on just getting over the hill …

  6. hpscorpion4me says:

    My wife and I have a climb that we have done a thousand times. As I converted to trikes a year ago (and she still rides upright) I encouraged her to try the climb on the trike. When she came back she said she got “lost” as to where she was on the climb and was surprised when she found herself at the top. And how could that be? The scenery was entirely different (looking up at gorgeous landscapes as opposed to looking down at asphalt), and she was surprised when the section of 12% grade was already behind her. On the upright she is out of the saddle cranking hard, heart pounding. On the trike she was spinning along, enjoying life, forgetful of any difficulties. She honestly didn’t realize that she had done the climb until, uhh, it was done!
    So tell me this, are trikes good at climbing hills?

  7. Jacqueline James says:

    Love it

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