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Trike Hobo discusses his pannier setup

Over the years I have been operating this Trike Asylum website, I have been asked many good questions about riding recumbent tricycles. Back in January 2010 when I first created TA, the reason was to simply put some potentially helpful trike information out there in one easy to find place, as recumbent trike websites were highly scarce at the time. I never expected it to amount to much more than giving me something to do in my spare time. Well, after a while, more and more people began visiting here, and it became apparent to me that these cool three-wheeled vehicles were pretty darn popular all over the planet (except Antarctica, for some reason).

These days, having written hundreds of thousands of words about trikes, both on this website and in my cycling books, I’ve covered quite a few trike-oriented topics. I’ve written so much at this point, and it’s spread out over hundreds of electronic and paper pages, that not everyone has read, or even found, it all. So, I get questions about things I’ve detailed already along the way, but they haven’t had the chance to stumble upon it yet. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is about panniers, and how to carry cargo on a recumbent tricycle, especially without having to pull a trailer.

Wishing to avoid spending hours re-typing responses to people with pannier questions about things I’ve already covered, I decided it might be a reasonable idea to produce a movie presentation about this very topic, thereby creating a place where all the folks with pannier questions could simply go and watch a movie about my thoughts. My personal pannier system has evolved over time, and an article I wrote in 2011 might not accurately reflect my current thoughts. With this new movie, all the thoughts in my head as of 2017 are documented for anyone to experience, and since the setup I am now using is probably the way it’s going to stay for me, this should be the definitive answer from my brain. I don’t think I’ll be changing this pannier setup because it flat works, and very well I might add. So after watching this, you’ll know all that I know (which is rather limited) …

This can be expanded to full screen by clicking the four little arrows next to the “Vimeo” word.

PS: I will put this movie on other appropriate pages of Trike Asylum, so once this post becomes ancient history, the movie will still be viewable. Heck, once I’m dead, you’ll probably still be able to watch it because I don’t think Vimeo or YouTube cancel accounts just because the account holder checks out. That’s the great thing about the internet, even dead people can keep right on yakking away at the world. The permanent URL for this movie is:, and my Vimeo page is: But I have more movies available over on my YouTube account, which is found here. Vimeo is a classier presentation platform, thus the reason I began using it a while back, but there are a bunch of followers on YouTube, so I keep it active.

By the way, for the latest on Matt Galat’s JaYoe! world tricycle tour, visit, or the JaYoe! pages here on Trike Asylum, which are found on the main menubar above.


2 responses

  1. daytriker

    Very informative Steve. Did you notice also in the scenes of your trike riding away you can clearly see the angle of your back wheel?

    May 11, 2017 at 9:27 am

  2. trike hobo

    Wow Glen, I had not noticed that! But you are correct – now that I look for it, I can see that the rear wheel is tilted to the left on top, compared to the front two wheels. Thanks for pointing that out – never thought to even look for it. I have plenty of movie footage from the rear, so I am sure it will manifest itself in those also. I’m a straight guy now that I’ve fixed the issue – no more crooked tilt!

    May 11, 2017 at 11:57 am