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Trident Terrain … Fenders/Mudguards/Rear Racks available

Fat tire trikes, also known as fatrikes, have evolved quickly as riders realize the extreme abilities of these giant Earth-crawling vehicles. Not only that, they are incredibly fun and exciting to ride, the pure joy of which a rider will never know unless a fatrike is actually ridden in its element – namely the outback. Oh, and if you like riding over curbs, they’ll do that too … with ease.

Anyway, as visionary trike manufacturers quickly entered the fatrike market, the machines were being produced with scant accessories and needed options, things like fenders (mudguards) and rear trunk racks. The market was (and is) hot, so trike companies focused primarily on making the vehicle itself. But, this resulted in riders in need of things, like fenders and rear racks.

Fatrike makers are still playing catch-up to rider demand and need, some catching up faster than their competitors. One manufacturer seems to be leading the pack at this point in time, namely the Trident Trike company, makers of the Terrain 20 and 26. They have introduced fenders and rear racks for both their models, which allow owners to now stay drier and cleaner when in rain and muddy conditions, while carrying some cargo in the rear trunk pannier. Kudos to Trident!

To visit the Trident Trikes fatrike page, click HERE.

In the photo above is the Trident Terrain fatrike with 20-inch wheels. Notice the nice fender kits covering all three tires, which will keep riders from having rain rooster-tailing all over them.

In the photo above, the new fenders grace the Trident Terrain  26-inch fatrike. The company has even produced a rear fender, along with a top-trunk rear rack system. The Trident recumbent trike company is leading the way with these much-needed, and very anticipated, fatrike accessories.

A video of this trike with the new 26-inch fat tire mudguards:


Fender Set (F & R) For Terrain 20: $119 + $17 shipping
Fender Set (F & R) For Terrain 26: $139 + $22 shipping
Rear Rack for Terrain 20: $59 + $15 shipping
Rear Rack for Terrain 26: $59 + $17 shipping

Learn more, or order your set, HERE. You can also order the whole trike there too!


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