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Trident Trikes: Jouta Quad

It’s not a tricycle, but it’s appearing from a recumbent tricycle manufacturer. The fat tire version of the quad will be ready to ship this coming summer. There is already a skinny tire version available now. Click HERE to visit the Trident page. Having been riding a fatrike for over a year now, I sure would opt for the fat tire Jouta to get a more comfortable ride. This vehicle does not appear to have any suspension, so the larger the tires, the softer the ride will be. Go Fat – Be Happy! Two wheel drive also sounds mighty appealing, especially in unpaved situations requiring more traction.

The Jouta Blue Line Quad 7 Speed:

The frame looks pretty beefy. This rig may have a higher weight limit than most.

The Fat Tire version of the new Blue Line Jouta Quad:

Jouta Blue Line Quad 7 Speed– Front derailleur/Triple Crankset upgrade will be available soon. The Jouta Quad is available with either 1WD or 2WD. 20 x 1.50 Tire version is available now and ready to ship. Fat Tire versions won’t be ready until summer 2017

Shipping is $125.00 and is added to the total price in the cart. The Jouta Quad is 95% assembled (in 1 Box). Please call for shipping quotes to AK, HI, Canada or any foreign address.

Jouta Quad 1WD $1299.00 + $125 Shipping / Jouta Quad 2WD $1429.00 + $125 Shipping / Jouta Fat Quad 1WD $1599.00 + $125 Shipping / Jouta Fat Quad 2WD $1729.00 + $125 Shipping


2 responses

  1. daytriker

    When I first saw these being advertised I thought they would be competition for a very basic trike as their pricing is in that range but after reading how much versatility has been built into the Jouta line I think they are an incredible bargain. For the cost of a decent trike you can have yourself a Delta, a Tadpole, a Quad, a Tandem & now Fatrike versions as well. Absolutely brilliant. Trident scores again as one of the most innovative companies around.

    March 7, 2017 at 1:43 pm

  2. armadillozack

    OK….! I t looks great, and I know Trident Trikes put out some half way decent Tadpole trikes in the past, But I have some concerns about this Quad…! If you look at it’s rear axle you will note it is very small in size and is not a regular slip deferential rear axle like the ones used by Utah Trikes… And there are big difference with the price of Trident’s quads , and Utah trikes Quads, and that is because Utah Trikes are built first from Catrike Frames and then employ a patented rear end that is far more superior, and it is a rear end with a solid axle that attaches to the Catrike frame by some machined, and manufactured parts made in house by Utah Trikes for Utah Trikes Fat Cat Quad…! Now when I say a far more superior axle, I say this because they are solid steel axles in a chrome molly tubed frame, and then has a patented rear slip differential only made by Utah trikes for Utah Trike Quads…! A big difference in the two, and you should go to each web site and check them both out before you make any hasty decisions.. Or draw any conclusions from my comment.. I am not employed by Utah Trikes, but I did by my Quad from them, and I am Ever So Happy I Did….! Which ever your choice, I wish you the best of luck, and many miles all filled with smiles as you ride your quad of choice….!
    Armadillo Zack

    March 7, 2017 at 2:14 pm