archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

Trike Hobo’s new guidebook … a heck of a place to trike

Thirteen hundred miles of dirt roads – an endless labyrinth of obscure trails – many not on any maps – most with no names – a few well-known, but most rarely traveled – easy to get lost without proper guidance – potential fatal consequences for those not prepared – a land full of ghosts from the past – laced with deep shafts of bats and rotting timbers – rain evaporates before it hits the ground – few will ever pedal a trike here, but thousands will drive a Jeep – a valley of poison gas and lost wagon trains – the hottest place on the planet – Would you enjoy a trip to hell? If so, you may wish to visit here first to get the hang of things … click HERE if you find yourself strangely motivated to view Trike Hobo’s latest bizarre insanity (if the trike doesn’t kill ya’, the land will).

Death Valley Trike


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