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The Overland Triker (Amazon reviews issue)

I am always learning things I should not have done, what we refer to as 20/20 hindsight. As of this writing today, there is an issue with reviews appearing on Amazon for The Overland Triker, which is misleading. The revised 2017 edition erroneously is showing reviews written for the original 2012 edition. I have been in contact with the good folks at Amazon, and a fix is coming soon, I am told. The original 2012 edition of the book has been discontinued, and is no longer available. The review error resulted from the fact that both books have the same title and author information, and the computer algorithm has not successfully differentiated between the two, thus the review content of the former has been linked to the latter. The Amazon representative has assured me today that the erroneous book linking will soon be cancelled manually by a human, thereby fixing the issue. If I had published the new edition under a new naming, this would not have occurred. Humans still have some advantages over automated computers, it seems. Computers can’t ride tricycles.


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