Ed Wade takes first ride on Azub Ti-Fly

Last year, I met a new friend named Ed Wade. He had just moved here to the coast from California (good choice). I rode with him once so far, and at the time, Ed rode a cool Catrike 700, a great trike for smooth pavement and lightning-fast riding, but not too much use to a guy who wants to explore more than paved roads and highways. So, Ed sold his 700 a few months ago, and put in an order to the Azub boys for the new fully-suspended Ti-Fly. Then, Ed waited and waited, until that magical day about two weeks ago when it arrived from overseas.

A few days ago, my old cycling buddy from 2008, Matt Jensen, led Ed, and fellow cyclist Jeff Honea, on one of Matt’s favorite new backcountry rides here in the great Coast Range. This was a day ride, somewhere around 40 miles if I recall right. Matt rode his awesome fatbike, Jeff rode his not-too-fat mountain bike, and Ed rode his new Azub. You can see Matt’s fat-tire bike in one of the photos, in the background. We have no photos of Matt himself, because he was the one who was taking all these fun shots.

Notice on Ed’s Azub that he has a brand new pair of Arkel RT-60 panniers, with a cool new color scheme, which was not available when I got my RT-60s in 2015 for Bigfoot. By the way, I was invited on this ride, which took place in 30 degree weather during the coastal cold snap, but had to decline, as I was, and still am, deeply involved in producing a 2017 update to my original 2012 book, The Overland Triker. I have informed Matt and Ed that once I have completed the revised, updated, and greatly expanded edition of the book, I will most assuredly accompany them all on this fantastic ride! Can’t wait!

Okay, below are some images Matt just sent me showing all the fun I missed. It may be sunny in the photos, but believe me, it was c-o-l-d, at least by Pacific Coast standards (I know all you snowbound trikers out there who live in high country or snowbelts are probably laughing, but hey, we are all used to balmy weather here at the beach, and 30 is a wee bit nippy!).

ed-wade-azub-00 ed-wade-azub-01 ed-wade-azub-02 ed-wade-azub-03 ed-wade-azub-04 ed-wade-azub-05 ed-wade-azub-06 ed-wade-azub-07

I bet Ed is really happy to open up his exploration horizons with this new Azub! This ride would not be too pleasant on a Catrike 700. Ed is a great guy, and I really look forward to getting to know him much better this year, and if he can swing it, take some multi-day journeys with him, where we can tent camp at night. He is certainly set up for it now.

By the way, below is the new 2017 Arkel RT-60 pannier, with the new colors that appear on Ed’s Azub in the photos above. These are outstanding panniers if you pedal a recumbent trike, and need some storage space for whatever reason. Click the image to visit the Arkel website.


One more thing before I post this! Below is a great photo of Matt Jensen on his Lurch fatbike, riding the central Oregon Coast beach. Matt gets around, and sees it all! Go man, go!



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4 Responses to Ed Wade takes first ride on Azub Ti-Fly

  1. Jerry Forster says:

    I may be wrong, but the Azub looks more like a street Trike than an off-roader to me. Certainly not a Fat Trike like your Cat.

  2. Dan Brown says:

    Does anyone know anything about the new GEKKO trike. I did see one , it has the motor on the front, and an electric shifter. Thought that was neat.

  3. armadillozack says:

    I have to say the appeal of the new Ti-Fly is most certainly great…! I could fall in love with it very easily…! And I am very happy to see Arkel’s new pannier bag color, I like the viability of the orange color, as the red and black is not as well seen as the brightness of the orange and black version…! Way to go Arkel….!
    Armadillo Zack

  4. trike hobo says:

    Ed is running the Schwalbe Black Jack tire, a mountain bike tread that does very well on non-paved surfaces. It has a super aggressive tread pattern. With the full suspension on the trike, the Ti-Fly does pretty well in the dirt, assuming of course, that the low height of the frame does not strike the ground on uneven surfaces. Ground clearance would be the main concern with this trike as a bush trike, although the HP Velotechnik Scorpion Enduro is similar, in that it sits low to the ground, and there are many proponents of the Enduro for backcountry bush triking. Below is a link to the Black Jack page on Amazon:

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