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Your tricycle’s trunk – two wheel trailers


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  1. armadillozack

    The sound quality is terrible in the video… But nonetheless I understood what he was saying, and I already am a trailer user, so I found it very interesting.. I have bought a trailer from ebay that is called an Aosom trailer, and I also had bought a trailer from bikes at work trailers which is a lot larger, and that I am prepping for use as a travel trailer to which will allow one person to sleep and a galley on it’s rear that is almost a full kitchen for use on the road as I travel… The smaller Aosom trailer is very hardy and I use it for trips to the Winn-Dixie for grocery transport… I live alone but I can fit almost 2 months worth of grocery supply in it so not to need to spend a lot of time shopping cause I hate food shopping… I would say it hauls on average, around 80 kilos or more in grocery weight, and it feels like nothing to tow behind my Q-4 Catrike Custom…. The wheels are permanently placed and can not move forward or back as to level the load like on some truck trailers, but are pretty much balanced well enough where they are positioned… The larger trailer I mentioned in this blog has a movable axle in which makes balancing the trailer very easy and makes the load feel like almost nothing behind me.. As I was saying about prepping the trailer… I modified the bikes at work trailer by changing the 16″ x 1.75″ in. wheels to 26″ X 2.25″ in wheels in order to improve the balance, and because of it’s low center of gravity it is very well stable as I tow it… It is great for when I arrive at a camp site making it easy to chock and level in order to camp for the evening… I am revising the camper pod configuration at the moment as the past hurricane which plagued my area and created havoc all along the eastern coast, did not pass by my trailer with out damaging it, and inflicked a very large crack on it’s outer hull allowing water to pass thru very easily.. So I decided to go with a lot lighter tent structure which looks like a Conestoga Wagon eliminating the hard shell made from foam and fiber glass that I had originally made for this trailer… I wanted something like a teardrop trailer design but I decided to build it in a large tube form instead to reduce drag, and with a pop up half shell hatch for a door… Well anyway the new design will be finished in a couple of months because the canopy is all custom fit and needs a mosquito door and window panels to be installed… Bottom line is, If you need a trailer and you need to haul some stuff there is nothing better than having something to haul it in, and what better than a bike trailer….!
    Armadillo Zack

    December 17, 2016 at 12:47 pm