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Zee side-pull water bottle cage, and Specialized Purist bottle

Okay, for all you trike pilots out there who may still be searching for the perfect water bottle cage, along with the perfect water bottle to go in it for your rides, your day of reckoning has arrived! Yep, below are the two answers from the Trike Gods that will set you up for the best water-drinking experience you could ever have as a mortal human being on a tricycle! Both products are made by the well-known Specialized cycling company, and both are currently available at great prices from the planet’s premier triking source, Hostel Shoppe. It’s your lucky day, my fellow trikesters because I’m going to link you to these products, so you can have them on their way to your front doorstep by the end of this day, certainly in time for that perfect Christmas present if that’s on your brain.

Now, by way of personal endorsement, the bottle I recommend is the Specialized Purist, which I have been using since my days on the Catrike 700. I love this bottle so much that I have three of them: one on my mainframe for easy riding access, and one in each of my two Radical Design side seat pods, which have special webbed netting on top just for extra water bottles. These bottles are BPA-free, which means that no Bisphenol-A is used in its production. Bisphenol-A (BPA) mimics the female hormone estrogen, and water bottle makers have been avoiding it like the plague as of late. The Purist bottles have no plastic taste, even if water has been in them for weeks, or in the hot sun, and there is also no traditional plastic water bottle smell. Super healthy bottle!

I have no personal experience with the Specialized Zee water bottle cage, a cage that allows you to pull the bottle out from the side, which is perfect for trikes because of those weird things called derailleur posts, that make water bottle access a challenge compared to old fashioned things called bicycles. There just isn’t much room to pull the bottle straight forward out of standard water bottle cages, so we end up pulling slightly to the side. Well, with the Zee cage, designed for tight fitting areas like trikes with their derailleur posts in the way, this is no longer a problem! The Trike Gods have smiled upon us! Scott Christophersen, chief mechanic at Hostel Shoppe, made me aware of this cool side-pull cage when I read his comment on the Stanley stainless steel post, and the news is worthy of shouting it from the mountain, so this is my shout.

Below is some information on the products, along with a couple of photographs.


The Specialized Zee water bottle cage. Click HERE to get it now for $20.00!

The Zee Cage II is compatible with SWAT solutions for tool and storage integration that features a unique side-loading design, allowing riders to easily manage bottles when space on the frame is limited. SWAT technology design allows for storage and tool integration. Reinforced composite material improves durability without adding weight. Side-load design for easy in/out accessibility for frames w/ compact bottle mounting area. Left-hand loading on the downtube; right-hand loading on the seat tube. Minimalist, sleek design with razor-sharp graphics. Accepts EMT Cage Mount tool. Accepts MTB XC Kit Storage Box (only on applicable Epic, Stumpjumper HT models and Diverge). Only 43g.

large-sbi_bottle_purist_watergateThe Specialized Purist BPA-free water bottle. Click HERE to get it now for only $9.00!

Delivering a high rate of flow in a leak-proof design, the Purist Watergate offers a simple drinking experience: just aim and squeeze for clean, pure refreshment. Purist infusion shields the bottle from odor, stains, and mold to keep your water pure and your bottle clean. Simple hands-free open and close valve: nothing to turn. 100% leak-proof top locks down for transport or mixing powdered drinks. Self-sealing Heart Valve™ delivers a high rate of flow with a leak-proof design, even when the valve is open. Rubber over-molded cap for easy grip. Made from easy-to-squeeze, LDPE material. Clear viewing strip makes it easy to see contents. BPA-free plastic made from 100% FDA food-grade materials and printed with non-solvent base (UV cured), CPSC-approved ink.


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