Author Talk, by the cosmic outlaw: Trike Hobo

Outback explorer and author Steve Greene discusses his nine books (as of December 2016), which are available at his Amazon page. The following wonderful presentation is brought to you by the Trike Gods. This eighteen minute masterpiece of suspense is a full unedited, uncut, and uncensored version of an abbreviated video that appears on Amazon, thus two references within that mention book availability on “this website” (availability referring to, not Trike Asylum).


About trike hobo

Steve Greene is a naturalist, philosopher, and teller of tales. He pursues absolute truth in all things, modifying his existence as supported by legitimate evidence. His ideological foundation rests on the respect of life, as he follows a path of health, serenity, and maximum functional longevity. He has authored ten books, and is a noted authority on Death Valley National Park, human powered recumbent cycle touring, fitness and longevity, and professional law enforcement. Steve has not owned a petroleum powered automobile since 2008, as part of his environmental preservation paradigm. He eats a vegan diet, exercises regularly, and enjoys exploring the wilderness. Harmony with nature tops his priorities. To learn more about Steve, please visit:
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3 Responses to Author Talk, by the cosmic outlaw: Trike Hobo

  1. daytriker says:

    Good Job Steve & I am sure there will be more books & videos once you have found that next new adventure. For some reason this tune keeps running through my head. :) Maybe it’s a premonition –

  2. Ed Wade says:

    Again job well done. I hope many people find their way to your books so a better life may lays ahead for them and this planet…

  3. trike hobo says:

    I started watching that show when it first came out. I was a regular viewer for all its yearly episodes. Nowadays, the episodes are all available freely on YouTube.

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