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Trident Terrain – join the fatrike revolution!

Want to pedal the backcountry on a fatrike, but don’t want to spend a wad of cash? Well, this may be a solution for you! For a song, you can have this delivered right to your front door, so there is no further need to wait and dream.

Trident Terrain 2

According to Trident: “One of the hottest trends in the market- both 2 and 3 wheelers- has been Fat Tires. And who wouldn’t want one? They are a blast to ride on rough roads, trails and sand. In all honesty though for most of us, it’s not going to be your only ride. In addition, because of the nature of what you will be riding a Fat Trike on- your Fat Tire trike is likely to take more of a beating than your shiny pampered road trike.

Trident Terrain 1

This fatrike even folds! Learn all the specs HERE.


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