Mow your lawn with your tadpole tricycle!

From the Arkel pannier website comes a photograph taken by Anthea Truby. I’d say this is an ingenious method for accomplishing two things at once: mowing the lawn and getting exercise.




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4 Responses to Mow your lawn with your tadpole tricycle!

  1. Jerry Forster says:

    It might go smoother with a little oil on that chain

  2. I have a (quite old) book with pedal powered mowers/threshers/you name it in it and how to make them, my dream is to afford a couple of decent kayaks and marry them to a recumbent trike (obviously low) and have my own triboat

  3. Dan Brown says:

    Got one with a BionX set up ?

  4. trike hobo says:

    Michael, you may enjoy this post, which is a trike/boat idea:

    trike boats

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