Vineyard Cruisers Fat Tire Trike Trailer

Are you looking for a wee bit more cargo carrying capacity while riding your backcountry jaunts on your fatrike? Well then, look no further, for your answer has arrived at last! No more of those wimpy little skinny tire trailers – this is a REAL trailer for rugged fatrike riders who want to bring along plenty of food and drink for that big backwoods party. Or, if you prefer things a tad easier, then just hook up this baby to your fatrike and cruise around town – you’ll definitely get noticed, and meet a lot of nice people. The “cool” factor is off the charts!

Made by Vineyard Cruisers, a fat bike company, this trailer can be pre-ordered today for only $249 plus shipping and handling. Here is what the company has to say about it:



A day at the beach: Down the road, over the dunes, through the soft sand, to the water’s edge. Sand toys, boogie boards, beach chairs, a cooler with snacks & drinks, a couple of balls, and beach towels… For four kids and two adults. Not a problem – the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailer can handle it all.

With features designed to make bringing it all possible, a day at the beach (or in the snow), a trip to the grocery store, or anywhere you want to roll becomes effortless. No more multiple trips, no more struggling to carry long or bulky items. And when your trip is over, it folds back up for storing (or the ride home) in minutes.

Introducing the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailer. Feel free to bring along… Everything.

Learn LOTS more at their website by clicking HERE!


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5 Responses to Vineyard Cruisers Fat Tire Trike Trailer

  1. Hobo you hit the nail right on the head with this one…! This is something I can really use. I have a large trailer for long distance treks with accommodations for one, as well as a galley for preparing meals on the fly… But I needed something for my local treks to the Winn-Dixie grocer, and I’m tired of having to bungee everything to my Fat Cat Q-4. So this is right up my alley sort of speak…! I like its large wheels to go over the sand and trek down our gravel roads here in the inland part of our county away from the tourist paved ways, big business and in town traffic. It’s large enough to carry several bags of grocery, or just picking up something from the local hardware.. All together a perfect little trailer for just about every use.. I’ve looked at other trailers but most are to clunky, or just not built rigid enough for all around travel, and most of all fits in my price category…! So you see it fills the job perfectly…!
    Thanks for bring attention to it, I’ll make good use of it…!
    Armadillo Zack

  2. Oops….! I spoke to soon it seems.. I just tried to buy one of these trailers and they are no longer offered for sale, or backing and pre-order I should say…! I guess you blew this one Buddy…!
    Thanks anyway…….. Armadillo Zack

  3. buckyboydog says:

    Looks like it weighs a ton.

  4. trike hobo says:

    Contact them on this page to find out if there is a problem:

  5. Hi all, this is Devon with Vineyard Cruisers. Just came across this post after someone who owns a sweet 4 fat tire recumbent bike (I’m guessing it was Armadillo Zach) posted a question on our Facebook page; awesome looking machine, never seen anything like that bike before so searched a bit and came across this… Regardless, just wanted to thank everyone for the compliments and let everyone know that these trailers are not currently in stock and we don’t have an estimate as to when they will again; We have been working on an updated model to improve some of the issues with it (Like the weight, as buckyboydog pointed out, among other things), but don’t have a firm timeline to share just yet. Along with updating the site, we will def post to our Facebook page and to our newsletter subscribers when we have more info, so if this is something that interests you please subscribe / like. Thanks again for checking it out and happy riding!

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