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So the motorist pulls up next to me and says …

I can’t recall if I ever told you this story, so I’ll relate it here in case you’re interested in bizarre reactions (or not so bizarre considering what he saw). Be advised that this post is rated “R” for adult language, so if you have kids about, shoo them off into another room, or, if profanity bothers you, stop reading at the end of this sentence.

Okay, so you are still reading, thus I assume you can handle some less-than intellectual language, and that you have rid the room of minors, whose ears should not be assaulted by the vulgarity of questionable adults (funny as it may be). This is a true story of two people, one of which was me, and the other I have no idea, having never seen him before or since the incident.

Last spring (shows how tardy I am at sharing stories sometimes), I am pedaling my huge ICE Full Fat monster trike home from a ride. It is later afternoon, the weather is warm and sunny, and the sun is beginning to play hide and go seek behind the evergreen trees to the west of my location, right where I am headed. I just passed the post office and library, and am now just a few blocks, and one big hill, from calling it quits for the day. My mind is happy to be riding this great trike!

This is a 25 mile-per-hour speed zone, being residential, and I haven’t a care in the world, one happy triker. I now become aware of an automobile very slowly pacing me as it comes up next to me. I’m going slow from a motorist’s standpoint. Now, if I had been on my former Catrike 700, I would have been exceeding the speed limit on this flat part of the road so I could have an easy go of it up the big hill two blocks ahead of me. But no, I’m on a tank of a trike today, which I use for a different purpose, so I am probably only doing about 10 MPH, lazily cruising home for dinner (I don’t use speedometers).

So, here is this driver of a small import, matching my speed as he rolls down the electric window on the passenger’s side, and he has an ear to ear grin on his face, and glasses on his eyes, which must have the proper lens prescription because he clearly was aware of the odd vehicle I was pedaling. There are no other humans or animals in his car. Now mind you, I’ve had plenty of people talk to me while out riding trikes over the years, but those in cars driving by have only given me “thumbs up” signs, or yelled out the window something like, “Way to save the Earth!” as they sped by. This man to my left was going ten miles per hour, and about to speak words to me.

Hmmm, maybe he thinks I’m cute or something, and this is about to be pick-up attempt in broad daylight on a public roadway. Really odd things can sometimes happen in one’s life. You just never know. I mentally brace myself for the unexpected, but it seems this will be a positive interaction because he is smiling at me. Once he sees that I am watching him watching me, the suspense is broken and he finally utters this bold statement (his eyes are now off the road ahead – good thing there are no other cars and it is a residential street). There were no formal introductions, so the unidentified man declares to me without reservation:

“That’s one BAD-ASS bicycle you’re riding there!”

Well, that gets me smiling because I happen to think this trike is pretty cool myself. Maybe he figures that I love my vehicle, so maybe that was his pick-up line. If so, he nailed the subject matter to align me with his vibrations. But such was not the case. The mystery man, with eyes as big as saucers and jaw that was dropped as low as it could go, was just so utterly impressed with the ICE Full Fat trike that he just had to tell me. Can you believe that? He was attracted to my trike! It had nothing to do with the suave and hip triker dude in the driver’s seat! But I wasn’t bummed because I always get an ego boost when folks go bonkers over my tricycles, all of which are weird to the average person, but this trike being the weirdest yet. Everyone is amazed at Bigfoot!

I answer back something to the effect of how much fun it is, and all the wild places I can explore on it, and he follows up with some forgotten sentence, still smiling in disbelief, and then motors on to where I have no idea. I am now laughing to myself, reminded that all is well with humanity, when suddenly I realize I had just neglected to tell him the most important thing of all, what I tell everyone who goofs up …

This is a tricycle, not a bicycle!

Bigfoot Hobo Triker Steve

The cute triker dude sits on his BAD-ASS bicycle, oops, make that tricycle!

5 responses

  1. Jim

    I love your posts. Your creative writing skills make for fun reading.

    September 28, 2016 at 5:10 am

  2. Well that was a nicer reaction than I got one day Triking through Kidlington (Oxfordshire, England) I was just pulling away from the traffic lights on my ICE 26 NT and a male driving a black VW Golf leaned out of his passenger side window screaming “I CAN’T SEE YOU” well, with a stupid comment like that the gap between brain and lip went and I instinctively replied “Well who the hell are you talking to” he floored it up the road then stopped in the middle getting out doing a war dance, now with a trike like the ICE Sprint (as you all probably know) by a combination of bar and body movement you can make them hop sideways, this I did and headed straight into a small police house just half a mile up the road, I reported him for road rage and although I did see him on the road again he didn’t make any more stupid comments.
    ps In retrospect I would try to button my lip as a Golf must weigh near a ton and although not that over weight me and my trike don’t come near that.

    September 28, 2016 at 5:55 am

  3. trike hobo

    Hey there Seamus, Visibility is one VERY positive upside to the Full Fat. I have not had one motorist yet say he could not see me. On this trike, my head is about the same height as most automobile drivers in standard sedans. Plus, this trike is so huge that it sticks out like a sore thumb. On my former ICE Qnt and Catrike 700, both of which had my rear end only 7 inches off the asphalt, it was like I was in a hole, so flagging was my only salvation. If I get a driver like you describe while on this Full Fat, I could just pedal over the top of his hood at the next stop light, haha. See ya’ … steve

    September 28, 2016 at 9:08 am

  4. recumbentzach

    Some pretty insane, and unique responses do happen during rides. That’s for sure, before I was broadsided in June. By a minivan, and my HpVelotechnik Gekko was destroyed. I had an individual during a red light roll his window down and ask a unique question. He asked: “How much do you spend on a daily commute”? My response: “At least one large meal a day, and lots of water”. He then answered back: “So, a gasy ass, and a big smile at the end of the day” All I could do is smile, and laugh. He too smiled and laughed, the light turned green. And, he continued to smile. Then waved, and gave a thumbs up.

    September 28, 2016 at 11:52 am

  5. armadillozack

    Never is there a more truer a story, as I my self know of this strange effect that a fat recumbent my do to a person, as it is a continues event where ever I go on my Custom Fat Cat Quad Recumbent, do I hear the sound of blaring horns, and wild shouts from moving vehicles waving thumbs up signs… Not only that my dear fellow readers as I to have experienced the motor vehiclest who slows to give conversation as I am making my way to the local Winn-Dixie Store ( and this is a repeated event in which I some times experience several times within the same day..! ) asking the same old questions of what , where , and Hay how much..!, My favorite always being, Did you build that your self, LoL…! I’m sorry, But it is comical my fellow readers as I swear to you if I had 1/10 th. of a sore buc for every time I’m asked those questions I would have a mate for my Fat Cat ride… I have no quams about letting people know about my ride, and I am always amazed at just how many people it would attract, to come over and get into conversation about it as I’m locking down my ride so I can go buy my groceries and get on my way to my next destination before heading back to the ranch.. Yes dear fellow readers, some times I feel as if I should be selling, and not riding..But it is that in which keeps me from working and getting on my ride instead as there is no better feeling to be admired by so many, and loved by so few, that I keep on riding down the road in to the sun set, saying to my self it is mine and they who have not will have to wait till they get their own, before they can find out what a pleasure it is to ride a Fat Cat Recumbent…!
    Armadillo Zack

    September 28, 2016 at 4:39 pm