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Carbon Fiber – The TRUTH, at last …

Here is the man who knows all, and tells it here for you (in case you are wanting a carbon fiber trike, or even … dare I say it … a bike ;-)

This fellow tells it like it is! Why do carbon fiber cycles develop cracks and breaks, leading many riders to say carbon fiber is not a good choice for cycling? You’ll find out in this excellent presentation, where you’ll learn that the aerospace industry scans 100% of their output prior to sending it up in the air, whereas the cycling industry comes up short on scanning, thereby letting out frames and cycling products with air bubbles or deformities, many of which are not visible to the human eye, leading to structural failure. If cycling were to find these invisible defects prior to sale, by scanning all output, carbon fiber would get a better rap. As they say in the presentation, if titanium were the end-all material for ultimate lightness and strength, why have the racing and aero industries long since gone to carbon fiber? Just as the cycling industry is woefully behind in tire technology, it is still playing catch-up to the big boys in automotive and aerospace.

Carbontrike 05

The advantage of a carbon fiber trike, made by Carbontrikes in Sweden, is obvious!


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  1. I couldn’t afford to buy one even if I liked carbon fiber….! I don’t trust anything that you can’t weld, and have always said not all the info is in yet on the carbon fiber experience anyway…! If it was so good and worked all as well as the critics of metal frame cycles claim it has been, they would all be changing to carbon fiber…..! So my assessment of all this is don’t by carbon unless you can afford to replace it when it breaks…!
    Armadillo Zack….!

    September 7, 2016 at 7:19 am