Fatbike versus Plus Bike

With fatbikes and fatrikes catching on like wildfire across this planet, here are two likable chaps discussing the pros and cons of these two types of tire sizes.


About Desert Dune

Adam Lee (known as Desert Dune) was one of three correspondents who assisted Steve with updating the Badwater or Bust blog in 2009, while Steve was pedaling to and through Death Valley National Park on his ICE Q tricycle. Adam continues to fill in now and then as necessary while Steve is out exploring. https://badwater.wordpress.com/
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One Response to Fatbike versus Plus Bike

  1. armadillozack says:

    Fat bikes rule…! You just can’t beat that extra comfort after riding one you just don’t want to go back… The grip in all weather, sand, and rain with the larger 4.8 tires, to the street ride 3.8’s which give you that comfort when going over those nasty potholes, and road construction sites that you see no matter where you are in the US, and abroad…! It’s not just a Yankee thing, it’s an international thing, and everyone is getting into the FAT….!
    Armadillo Zack

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