Nine cyclists struck during bicycle shop ride

Of the nine bicyclists struck during a local bicycle shop ride, four were seriously injured and hospitalized, while the other five were pronounced dead at the scene on a rural county road. This occurred in Michigan. Results from the state police investigation are due Thursday. Below are a few news reports of this tragedy:


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3 Responses to Nine cyclists struck during bicycle shop ride

  1. Jaci Gibson-Henrie says:

    My heart aches for theme and their families. I also lament comments that decry bikes being on roadways at all. We need barriers to protect us from vehicles who do not share the road not keep us off the roads @

  2. Don says:

    My thoughts and Prayers are with those whom lost loved ones because of this tragedy. Along with those that have been injured. Something definitely needs to be done for the protection of cyclists, perhaps wider cycling lanes and barriers or separate paved trails away from the roads will work with the best.

  3. Sigl Lori says:

    My deepest sympathy for the families and friends of the cyclists that are injured and those that were killed. Sympathy also to the family of the driver of the truck. They did no wrong, but will be associated with his crime.

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