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Do you need a good 26″ fatrike tire?

VEE-8 Tire

This tire is 26×4.0 size.

What if we told you that the suggested retail for this most worthy tire is $75.49, but for a while, you can get them for only $27.99? That’s pretty tempting for any serious fatrike or fatbike explorer! This is the VEE-8 fat tire, one that is a notable compromise between all-out super knobby off-road tires and smooth rolling road tires. The VEE-8 has knobs, but they are many, and much closer together than the extreme backcountry tires. This tire rolls smoothly, produces minimal road whine compared to the super knobby tires, and works well for those who prefer to go tubeless to avoid flat tires. So, save yourself $47.50 per tire, and get a few to have on hand when your current trio of tires wears down to the carcass. The VEE-8 is being sold by Chain Reaction Cycles at this LINK. What a deal!

Here is what they look like on a Utah Trikes Fat Tad Crawler:

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 02

Click HERE to go get some of these wonderful trail-riding tires!


2 responses

  1. As a matter of taste, I just don’t seem to like fat tires. They simply look too heavy and bulky to me. I prefer ‘um thin, hard and light looking. Light weight and more power is what I really want in my trike.

    June 6, 2016 at 2:30 pm

  2. armadillozack

    I just ordered a set of these for my Q – 4 , They claim them to be 26″ X 4.0″ in.’s , well the truth of the matter is they are 26″ X .3.8″ in.’s and not 4.0’s as they claim, but they are excellent tires nonetheless, And I plan to buy more for my spring 2017 trek to the Key’s as it is already to late in the season to make the trek… I would fry like a big banana out on U.S. 1 south as I would make my way down to the overseas hwy.south to the Key’s.. Once on the overseas hwy. there would be a straight 10 mi. trek without one tree because it’s just a long bridge that seems to just go on for ever… I was planning to make that part of my trek overnight with a lot of flashing lights, all over the Q – 4 , and my custom Armadillo Sleep Pod trailer… Although fully air conditioned via my own designed peltier semiconductor air conditioner… I would still fry at night once I am south of Homestead, to the lack of trees…So the best bet taking on that part of the trip is by making it at night, and then once I have arrived at the southern end of that 10 mi. trek, I would hit the National Park for who’s name escapes me now, for a good night’s sleep, for the next 60 to 80 mi. trek to my next rest stop…. Hope to see some of you folks out there for Spring Trek 2017 Fla. Keys or Fry Run 2 weeks of fun in the sun with a lot of history, and comradery, and the beauty of nature of the Florida Key’s…..!
    Armadillo Zack

    June 13, 2016 at 2:15 pm