Catrike 700 and ICE Full Fat ride North Fork

View this video anytime HERE, under SteveStuff / North Fork revisited 2016.



About Wild Steve

Steve Greene is a naturalist, free thinker, and seeker of truth. He pursues absolute truth in all things, modifying his existence as supported by legitimate evidence. His ideological foundation rests on the respect of life, as he follows a path of health, serenity, and maximum functional longevity. He has authored eleven books, and is a noted authority on Death Valley National Park, human powered recumbent tricycle touring, health and fitness, and professional law enforcement. Steve has not owned a petroleum powered automobile since 2008, as part of his environmental preservation paradigm. He thrives on a whole food plant-based diet, exercises regularly (bodybuilding, hiking, cycling), and enjoys exploring the wilderness, beyond the bounds of human dominance. Harmony with nature tops his priorities.
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2 Responses to Catrike 700 and ICE Full Fat ride North Fork

  1. leafsailors ghost says:

    I would love that fat trike but I can never afford that price for it . if some one has a used one I would love to talk to them ,or somthing similar

  2. Stevie G. says:

    Other companies make fatrikes at reduced prices, using both 26 and 20 inch wheels. See the Fatrikes page for more info:

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