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Azub Tricon overview video

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  1. recumbentzach

    I’ve currently got an HP Veloteknik Gekko fx. I’m happy to be back in action after so many years of being inactive due to multiple surgeries. I purchased the trike used, and it had the BionX assist included in the whole deal. So, I got pretty lucky when it came to that also. I have noticed though that for me to get a ride that has sugnificant distance I’m nost likely going to have to charge multliple times within the day, or hope to find some long hills tocoast down. So in order to use the K.E.R.N.S. that the hub motor has. I’m now curious about the motor assist tadpole trike that AZUB has thas the PINION motor. Does the PINION Motor have to be charged? And, if so what’s it’s range of operation?

    April 28, 2016 at 5:52 pm