AZUB Ti-FLY, a new standard in suspended trikes

AZUB is on the leading edge with new innovative technology designed to produce a superior recumbent tricycle like no other. The upcoming Ti-FLY has raised the bar:

World’s most advanced recumbent trike
Cutting-edge technology meets stunning shape and excellent riding properties.

AZUB Ti-FLY is the epitome of an intensive five-year development of our trikes. In 2015, our previous top model, the TRIcon 26, was presented with the prestigious award “Trike of the Year 2015”, thanks to its superior workmanship, stable steering and the revolutionary design of the rear fork with a 157mm wide hub and a  solid-through axle. In the Ti-FLY model, all these technical details are complemented by a unique technology of titanium front suspension, which makes the Ti-FLY the most advanced trike in the world. Experience the comfort and amazing stability this trike offers.

Azub Ti-FLY 03 Azub Ti-FLY 02 Azub Ti-FLY 01

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2 Responses to AZUB Ti-FLY, a new standard in suspended trikes

  1. Ed Blanchard says:

    The AZUB Ti-Fly looks intriguing. It is too their website does not reveal more about this trike. A lot of fluff (distant photos with planes and choppers in the background) and little detail revealed. However, I will keep my eye on this as they gain confidence in their design/production.

  2. armadillozack says:

    Thats some really nice looking suspension, I wish Catrike would catch up to the the rest of the innovations other manufacturers are doing… Now don’t get me wrong, I just love my Catrike custom quad, But I would love to see Catrike to have some of these new innovations as standard equipment on their trikes…! Catrike is very slow coming in the innovation department, and needs to catch up with the pack, or soon to be left behind, I just feel that they are becoming very complacent with their construction, and not willing to add new things… But I am still a very proud Catrike owner, and I still ride my Catrike proudly…!
    Armadillo Zack

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