Rohloff Speedhub

Put one of these on the rear of a fatrike, and you’ll be able to shift to lower gears even in adverse terrain if stopped, something that cannot be done with a standard derailleur system in the rear. The Rohloff also keeps the chain mechanism high off the ground with a 26 inch wheel, as on the ICE Full Fat. This clearance is a good thing if riding through rocks or obstacles that could damage a derailleur. With the Rohloff internally geared rear hub, another advantage on a backcountry fatrike is that the shifting mechanism is protected from the elements, such as rain, dirt, mud, snow, and any other gunge that can muck-up a drivetrain system. Ever wonder why Rohloff hubs are so expensive? Well, take a gander at what’s going on inside one of these hubs!

Rohloff Hub inside

These are impressive pieces of machinery, build to last a very long time!

Rohloff Full Fat clearance

Click HERE to visit the Rohloff website and learn more.



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  1. armadillozack says:

    Old news Steve, I got one of these from the fellas down at Utah Trikes when I bought my Q-4, and I love it…! Best thing since ice cream was invented, they came on the scene mid 2015 really, but I believe they may be older than that if memory serves me correctly.. But you must know this already, so I feel foolish even saying this to you… But what I did not bother to do was read the maintenance instructions for the Rohloff, which now I feel very foolish again…! So I have to thank you for you bring this to Trike Asylum, and sharing it all with us… You’re the best Buddy…!
    Armadillo Zack

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