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HP Velotechnik Enduro off-road trike

Looking for a recumbent trike that is halfway between a street trike and a full-on fatrike? Well, here’s a good candidate for you. It is fully suspended, has large dirt-capable knobby tires, and is made by a company that’s been around for a while with a great reputation. It does not have the ground clearance of a dedicated fatrike, but for rural dirt roads and trails it just may be perfect for exploring beyond where the sidewalk ends. It is also perfectly ready for pavement rides and touring. Specs appear at the end of this photographic post.

Learn more at their website HERE.

Mountain-triking at its best!
Scorpion fs 26 Enduro: Automotive chassis suspension for an impressive off-road experience

Think Green: With the “Scorpion fs Enduro” German recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik sends trike fans right out into the woods. Mighty MTB-tires and technology from the automotive construction sector become merged in a very unique way.

Scorpion Enduro 22 Scorpion Enduro 21 Scorpion Enduro 20 Scorpion Enduro 19 Scorpion Enduro 18 Scorpion Enduro 17 Scorpion Enduro 16 Scorpion Enduro 15 Scorpion Enduro 14 Scorpion Enduro 13 Scorpion Enduro 12 Scorpion Enduro 11 Scorpion Enduro 10 Scorpion Enduro 09 Scorpion Enduro 08 Scorpion Enduro 07 Scorpion Enduro 06 Scorpion Enduro 05 Scorpion Enduro 04 Scorpion Enduro 03 Scorpion Enduro 02 Scorpion Enduro 01

Learn more at their website HERE.

Or, if you happen to live in the state of Oregon, visit Backcountry Recumbent Cycles!


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  1. armadillozack

    HP has been around as you have said for a very long time, or I should say a long time for the recumbent trike world…! As opposed to others who are here for a little while, and then because of a very narrow market as we all know that recumbents are not a mainstream trike.. And when you mention trikes to the average person, the first thing comes to mind is the Schwinn Meridian, or the Sun Trike trike, and not a trike such as the recumbents of our understanding…! So it is this that keeps the market of new recumbent manufacturers, to a very low, and often short time period, before going out of business, or just lack of funds for development because of sales, more often here in the US, than abroad, such as the European markets… But HP has hung tough, and have a very large menu of recumbents from the 2 wheel kind , to the trike which most of us come to know and love…! But I am not sure , but I think they also have developed a velomobile, which most of us know as a trike in most cases with a full body fairing… And I for one just love those wild, and crazy machines, as I think they are so cool looking … But as I have spoken to a lot of folks who own their own velo, or even have crafted their own velo, which is becoming the popular thing to do in this day, and age, and they say it is a very different kind of ride and most know all the in’s and out of the velo when riding or you may just whined up a road pancake, and that’s no joke, because I read all the time how someone was distracted, and run over in a velo, and it’s driver sustaining multiple injuries… And that’s no joke…! But I have to say If I were to buy a euro model trike it would be a HP more than likely because of their reputation of being on the market for as long as they have been, and as I said their wide variety of recumbents to buy, are no joke, and a very stable market trike, or bike that you can more or less depend on….! Another great posting Steve, thanks again….!
    Armadillo Zack

    April 6, 2016 at 12:13 pm