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Bionix Electric Motor on Greenspeed Trike

Long-time Trike Asylum enthusiast Bob Devlin, a fanatical Greenspeed triker who has visited the trike hobo on two occasions for trike rides, has modified his recumbent tricycle in a significant manner. You can visit Bob’s dedicated TA page HERE. Below is Bob’s report about the new Bionix electric motor (this report also appears on his page).

North Fork 2014 11


by Bob Devlin


Mine is a Bionx S Series with a DV-48V /11.6Ah/555Wh down tube battery (placed on my rear rack) with an S series hub motor with High Torque (HT) and 350W. This was put on my GT-1 Greenspeed with 16” wheels.


Extra boost when you need it (thru intersections, up steep hills, passing up some hotshot that zoomed past you, etc) by using the throttle.

Adds weight to the rear wheel for much better transaction (especially on my Greenspeed as its back wheel spins easily on sand or gravel).

For long uphills, engaging the assist doesn’t pedal for you but adds to your ability to increase your speed. The harder you pedal, the more it helps.

Saves my knees. There are frequent times when I come across a sudden hill and it takes extra pressure on my knees to push over (not enough time to shift down). The throttle allows you to keep spinning instead of forcing yourself over the hills. It’s fun, too.

Using the regenerative option on downhills, I not only recharge the battery but it allows me to keep pedaling where I would just have to coast without it. So I get more exercise and spinning.


Cost. With installation it was $2,600. You can buy a pretty nice entire trike for that.

Weight. Battery adds about 10 lbs and new hub 7.7 lbs. Lifting the rear end to drag the trike is much more of a challenge. Surprisingly, it has not seemed to slow me down much when I pedal without the assist.

Scorn from some cycle purists. One guy called me a “cheater”.


This battery has enough juice to provide significant help on long trips. So far I have gone 65 miles and it had charge left. It all depends on how much you actually use it, of course.


2 responses

  1. Ed

    I think electric assist is an awesome advantage that helps people enjoy riding more. I’m hoping
    battery prices fall so that it will be available to a larger segment of the cycling world. Thanks for the article Bob.

    March 25, 2016 at 2:11 pm

  2. don’t let the purists get you down or slow you down. It is like in my middle age, I got a job in Seaside and was learning to surf. My buddy who had delt with grumpy localism told me to always remember “the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun!” So smile and wave, boys smile and wave.

    March 27, 2016 at 4:09 pm