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Ti-Trikes: The proof is in the pedaling …

Ti Trikes

Titanium framed trikes follow a new path. Discover the differences.


Beginning in the late 1890’s, Connecticut and Massachusetts-based manufacturers like Pope Hartford, Columbia, Westfield, and Indian began producing some of the best bicycles the world had ever seen. One hundred and twenty years later, this same New England tradition of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship is repeating itself again here at Ti-Trikes of South Windsor, Connecticut, a world-class manufacturer of fun, affordable recumbent tricycles.

Coming from decades of experience designing and building high performance wheelchairs and custom adaptive and mobility products for customers like NASA and the U.S. Army, Ti-Trikes President Patrick Summers and Chief Operating Officer Ken Messier have partnered together to build the world’s finest tricycles and bring the sport of cycling to a broader audience. Unlike some brands of tricycles that are built purely for raw speed, each Ti-Trike model is designed with three core objectives in mind: Comfort, Safety, and Exercise. By maintaining a laser-like focus on these goals, Ti-Trikes is bringing an important new message to the sport and the community at large: “Everybody Rides!”. Flexible and versatile, Ti-Trikes can be enjoyed by a whole new group of riders, including baby boomers, adaptive cyclists, and seniors. Adaptive cycling is especially relevant for riders who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Spina Bifida, as well as those with balance issues. With a strong background in adaptive exercise and mobility, the staff at Ti-Trikes takes great pride in meeting the needs of these individuals and bringing the exciting sport of cycling to everyone.

Many adults fondly remember the fun and freedom they experienced while riding bikes as kids. When returning to the sport years later, they find riding to be an easy, fun way for everyone to exercise with family, friends, and riders of all abilities. Many also choose cycling over cars to run local errands, go shopping, or as a great form of transportation. Cycling comes with other benefits as well, helping to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in our towns and cities and promoting a greener and more environmentally friendly way of life.

T-150- Ti Trike

T-150 Ti-Trike

T-250-electric Ti Trike

T-250 Ti-Trike

T-350-Ti Trike

T-350 Ti-Trike

T-450-Ti Trikel

T-450 Ti-Trike

Visit the complete Ti-Trike website HERE, and witness new innovation for tricycles! You can also visit the dedicated TA page for Ti-Trikes HERE at any time. This is a unique trike worthy of scrutiny, perhaps a real game changer in the recumbent trike industry.


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  1. armadillozack

    These new trikes look very robust, and I wish their developers to be very successful in their endeavor to bring cycling back in their own unique style…! Good luck Gentlemen…!
    Armadillo Zack

    March 19, 2016 at 1:58 am