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Alaska Fatbiking with warm hands …


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  1. armadillozack

    Thanks for the videos, I hope more people see what the benefits of fat tire riding is all about as a lot of people still believe that we are just trying to make some kind of statement by riding on fat tires, and not the benefits that are associated to fat tire riding…! In essence we who ride fat tire bikes are the stewards to riding fat tire riding, and are intrusted with spreading the knowledge of fat tires to the biking community…! I know how dumb it sounds but it’s true, you don’t know how many times while riding my Q-4, I get stopped to ask about the tires on my quad, and I have to tell them no there are actual benefits in riding fat tire bikes, and I’m not just riding on them because they look cool…! So thanks for the videos, and I hope that more people begin to know more about riding on fat tire bikes, as we who ride upon them do…!

    February 19, 2016 at 6:46 pm