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Recumbent Korea – Catrike 700 ride

This is an incredible cycling path! If only they were everywhere. Here a fellow Catrike 700 rider enjoys a trip free of automobiles.

Learn more at Recumbent Korea.


2 responses

  1. armadillozack

    Good Golly Miss Molly..! Yes that is a great cycling path, and I would love to have a go at it…! There is only about 30,000,000 reasons why we could never see a cycling path of this type within the U.S., But there are a lot of great roadways to travel as well though in the U.S., but yes unfortunately none that are strictly cycling paths… As I said in the beginning of this comment $30,000,000 at least to have a trail such as this to be devoted to the cycling portion of the U.S. populus, as well as the fact the U.S. is so behind in the cycling role of the day to day lives of it’ populus.. We just don’t have as large a cycling following, as others countries do…! And because of that the Governments of Cities and States would not be able to support a bill in congress, of this magnitude, in which a state would go before congress for a bill in which will appropriate funds for a venture of this size…! Now on the other hand it is possible to petition congress to appropriate funds for a National Park already in existence, to build a bike path of this nature but it would have to be supported by a survey in which shows the use of cyclists of National Parks on the rise, and would be in the best interest of its Department Of The Interior to fund, or make an appropriation fund to build said cycling trail… As it has been many a year since I have been to a National Park, I would think there is already such a trail, and maybe someone who has visited one lately would know of the answer to this, because, if I answer it would be a lie, as it has been as many as 30 or more years since I have been to a National Park.. I have how ever been to many State Parks, but as they are funded by the State it is sure to turn down a plan to add a cycling path of this nature, because it would be cost ineffective, and unable to appropriate funds to maintain said cycling road or path… Hell it is only because an extreme number of cyclist who live, and visit the State of Florida each year that they are adding bike lanes on all main roads, such as State Highway U.S. North and South 1…! And it is one of the big reasons in which I decided to make my spring trek to the Florida, Keys… I would love it if there were more accessible parks in which provide camping for cyclists in a couple of parks along the U.S. ! North & South corridor but as it is right now they are only allowing group camping with Registered Non Profit Groups, and blocking solo campers who wish to overnight primitive camp as they worded it in the State Parks Directory and Rules Governing certain State Parks within the State…! If you ask me it sounds like the cash register is making the rules on that one, because the costs of some of those group rates are some very large costs.. Who knows maybe before the next state elections I’ll maybe organising a group to petition the state to allow more State Parks to allow overnight camping on behalf of the cycling community…! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to engage such a large comment on behalf of this conversation of devoted cycling paths, but as I have only, during the past few days made some inquiries about some of these things, and run into some brick walls, have found myself by more enthralled with so much bureaucratic bull…! But is that not what the story always is…! My best to all you recumbent cyclists out there and I hope you all have a Happy New Year as well…!
    Armadillo zack

    December 30, 2015 at 11:58 am

  2. Edward McMahan

    Bicyclists from across the U.S. could boycott the state of Florida until they change their state park rules to allow solo bicycle campers. Plenty of other states would be glad to have us spend our money touring in their states.

    January 1, 2016 at 8:22 am