JaYoe and NBA box of milk!

Roadside Generosity … for trikers:

Knees … who would  have guessed?


Listen to this podcast for how the end of 2015 developed! Ryan and Matt bid JaYoe farewell, at least for three months, as more challenges reveal themselves. Mount Everest watch out … Matt will be on ya’ in March 2016 if all goes as planned (but he’s off the trike). Happy new year guys! Let’s see what the new one brings your way!

Mount Everest JaYoe


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3 Responses to JaYoe and NBA box of milk!

  1. As I am sorry to hear that Matt, and Ryan are off the road for a while anyway, It should be very interesting to share Matt’s Adventure to the top of Everest… It is not a common feat, and is something I’m sure a kin to the likelihood of maybe The Exploration of Space in the heavens above, or the the sights, and oddities of the sea bottom of the Marianas Trench, not many do it…! I have heard from Matt, and He assures me it is not over by any means for him to continue his world trek on his HP Velotechnik trike…! He just wants to get in shape for his Summit of Everest, and build up his knee’s capabilities for when he returns to the trike trek around the world, and 100 Countries he will encounter along the way… So don’t count him out just yet…! I’m sure as he was not planning to be on the road as soon as he had been, but returned to the road maybe because his knee was feeling some what better, and just left to soon… Also with Christmas being upon us, I’m sure he wanted to be home with Annie, and I believe he said he would be making a short trip back to the states as well… Time will tell the story, But I for one do not believe it to be any where near the end of his trike trek around the world… So in closing Steve, and Dear Recumbent Friends, I wish you all the Happiest Of Holidays, and a very Happy New Year, With many more miles, All filled with smiles, for the coming New Year…!

  2. Alice Santos says:

    Well, guys, stuff happens. Knee problems can be a problem, but not necessarily the end of your journey. Take as much weight off the bike that you can, do what the doctor said, and do the the tee pay. Try again later. Good luck.

  3. Alice Santos says:

    Therapy. Not tee pay. Darn auto correct.

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