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ReActive Adaptations Fatrike Premiere

A new company called ReActive Adaptations ( builds off road handcycles for folks with disabilities. In the last couple of years, the company started building off road recumbent trikes as well. Their most recent trike is a fat tire trike (fatrike) with a 190mm rear swingarm (yes, they do offer rear suspension) that allows the rider to run fat tires in the winter and a standard 26″ mountain bike wheelset for the summer. Jake O’Connor, the owner and fabricator of the company, tells the amazing story after these three photographs of this new head-turning fatrike:

ReActive Adaptations fatrike 1

ReActive Adaptations fatrike 2

ReActive Adaptations fatrike 3

Watch Jake’s company movie below:


One response

  1. I think it cool…! Why not, have off road capabilities for the disabled…? I am disabled, but thank God I have use of my legs… I enjoy my ability to go off road with my recumbent, because I can not ride a regular mountain bike so my custom off road recumbent gets me there…! If it weren’t for recumbent trikes I would not be able to cycle at all, and when I saw that I could get a recumbent that had off road capabilities as well as being a recumbent, I jumped at the opportunity, and thanks to a group of fine people who seen my passion, and my need to be able to cycle, they made it possible for me…! But it’s thanks to recumbent bikes that it is all started for me in the off road version of recumbent riding, and I have yet to regret my decision in purchasing a recumbent..! But now what if I did not have use of my legs, what would it be if I was unable to go into the interior of the state with it’s back roads, and open fields, and even on the coasts on its beaches I can ride…! I would be where I was before, I found out about recumbent riding, and how it could reopen a world of cycling for me once again…! So I think this man with his abilities to create a recumbent for the disabled a true spokes person, who not only is a disabled rider, but a disabled recumbent creator, who has shared his passion for off road recumbents riding with fellow off road disabled enthusiasts, with the off road recumbent for the disabled.. A wonderful thing buy a unselfish disabled recumbent rider, what a great person of stature, beyond anything most people with use of their legs could ever hope to be…

    December 16, 2015 at 6:55 am