Why ride a recumbent tricycle? Part 1: Comfort


About Desert Dune

Adam Lee (known as Desert Dune) was one of three correspondents who assisted Steve with updating the Badwater or Bust blog in 2009, while Steve was pedaling to and through Death Valley National Park on his ICE Q tricycle. Adam continues to fill in now and then as necessary while Steve is out exploring. https://badwater.wordpress.com/
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6 Responses to Why ride a recumbent tricycle? Part 1: Comfort

  1. Ed Blanchard says:

    Yes!- What they said! I have always enjoyed the outdoors since my first walk outside as a toddler with a diaper dragging along at my ankles. Then came my first tricycle- what freedom- and, no diaper to slow me down. As I grew the bicycles came and went. I got serious about biking when I found a safe route to work 17 miles from home. After 12 years of ~ 100 miles a week on a diamond frame bike, I became intolerant of the growing wrist, upper arm and eventually the “sagging saddle syndrome”: The invariable drop of the upper torso between the shoulders. In my case, a very prominent bump at the base of the neck. C7 was moving out of place. And then I discovered recumbents.

    My first bent was a bicycle-type which I rode for a year. One day at a local bike shop (LBS) I saw a contraption called a delta-configured recumbent tricycle. It did look wierd but, I took a test ride anyway. That was in July 1997. I traded my bike for a ‘bent trike’ the next day and haven’t looked back since.

    The new-found freedom, the absolute joy without ANY pain all while continuing a healthy exercise without a diaper dragging at my ankles. Life is sweet.

  2. D says:

    My experience has been mainly with road and mountain bikes. During those rides I would experience discomfort and pain in my wrist leading to numb fingers, along with neck pain from trying to look up all the time. At one point I had an issue with my backside and was forced to see a sports med Doc. He told me the sacs around my backside would fill up with fluid and he could drain them by sinking a needle up to my sit bones and drain the fluid, this would be done without anything to block the pain.
    Since I did not like that idea I decided to explore other avenues including recumbent bikes. A good friend let me test ride his Catrike 700, granted it was a short ride however that was all I needed and ride a 700 six days a week and will never get on a road or mountain bike again. So why suffer while riding an road bike make the move to a recumbent, I’m sure your body will like it.

  3. armadillozack says:

    My transition to recumbents was a no brainer for me, as my sense of balance has depreciated, do to a massive spinal trauma, during a work related injury.. After a long 1-1/2 yr. period of paralysis from my waist to my toes, and a slew of spinal surgeries, it was decided after massive rehabilitation that riding a mountain bike was no longer a viable discussion, with my neurologist, So he, my neurologist who was an avid recumbent rider advised me into looking into a recumbent trike, hence I took one for a ride, and never changed my opinion, as to riding a recumbent again..! I started with looking at trikes, and talking a lot with dealers online, when I came across Utah Trikes website, and got very curious, with custom trikes… It was then that I saw it, my ultimate dream machine, a UT Custom, Catrike Fat Cat – 4 Quad custom, it was beautiful..! And I have talked about it a lot, with friends, and family, but knew in my heart that I could not afford to buy one on my own.. It was surprize gift from everyone, who was so beneficial during my recovery, that how happy everyone was for my recovery, and because as limiting as it was to be somewhat ability to function as normally as I would, but only not able to ride a bike any longer, that they had once again picked up the rally call, and went to work with fundraisers in my behalf.. The friends I have, and family support was once again proved how much they had cared about me, and presented me with a check, making it able for me to buy my beautiful dream…! So if you are thinking about riding a bike, and in the market to buy one may I suggest to you first, trying a recumbent trike, as I have not regretted buying mine, and I’m sure after you have tried one yourself, that you to will agree that there is no better experience cycling ever…!

  4. Jerry Forster says:

    I rode a “standard” bike for sixty years and just endured to usual complaints. But with two knee replacements I was told that to fall could be very traumatic, so I stopped riding. Then I saw an add for Laid Back cycles and went to see what it was all about. I bought one that day and my wife converted as well. wish I had found my trike sixty years earlier!

  5. Alonzo L Savage (Trike rebel) says:

    Put anyone on a recumbent for the first time and after a short ride I can almost guarantee that they will be sporting ‘the recumbent grin’ on their return. That’s way before they even begin THINKING about the advantages like comfort for all those parts that ached when they ride a diamond framed bike. Ok we may be slower on hills but always remember that the recumbent trike rider can stop mid climb for a rest then set off again without the worry of wobbling.
    Anyone in Lancashire interested in setting up a recumbent group in the new year??

  6. Larry Yonally says:

    safety and comfort

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