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Ryan Freeman and Matt Galat – Day One, World Tour

Ryan Freeman Matt Galat JaYoe

“Well … day one is finished! Rode 66.3km. From Ningbo to a city called Ninghai. Felt great and Ryan did well as well. He obviously was much faster than me … to be honest I was a little nervous about being too slow for him. but seems we will be a good team. I cannot seem to log into the GARMIN website … so I will save all the fun RIDE DATA for later. Ended the day with some beer at a restaurant in Ninghai … Anny even drove for this first leg and joined us for our first pat of the trip! We will talk about all this fun stuff in the upcoming podcast coming soon!” – Matt

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One response

  1. Well done fella’s..! You snuck one up on us, very good… I was not expecting it, you threw me off with the flag thing… But glad you had a good productive day, hopefully things smoothed out quickly or will and you should find a happy pace ya’ll see and before you know it becomes routine.. You will work together just fine, like a well oiled machine…
    Good Treking, Ja Yoe…!

    November 12, 2015 at 5:39 pm