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Utah Trikes Custom Suspended Trailers

Are you seeking a heavy duty indestructible trailer to carry all your gear with you on an overland journey? Well, Utah Trikes may offer a solution for you. With a full featured custom shop on premises, this company is not afraid to experiment with all types of configurations for trike oriented projects, resulting in leading-edge products of high utility.

Utah Trikes suspension trailer Utah Trikes suspension trailer 02Click HERE to visit their custom page, full of new wild ideas!


One response

  1. As a Utah Trikes customer I can proudly say if you are getting it from Utah Trikes you can be sure it’s special… I bought my Custom Catrike Quad from Utah Trikes and I love it and would not trade it for the world.. From the day it arrived, I have been on it, and have not missed a day of riding.. I have to say the folks over at Utah Trikes, are some really intuitive individuals, with a well rounded knowledge of the products they sell, and make you a part of the project as they are assembling or building a custom trike, or quad for you..! I am sure that the new trailer that Utah is constructing, will be a large hit with the recumbent community, and in given time will be a leader in trailer design…!

    November 9, 2015 at 10:02 am