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Sunseeker Eco Tad SX at Utah Trikes

Visit Utah Trikes for additional information, or the Sunseeker website.

From Sunseeker:

The Eco Tad SX is the newest edition to the Sun Seeker tadpole trike family. This is our most affordable tadpole trike, but just because its affordable doesn’t mean that it is not full of features. It has a fully adjustable mesh-back saddle with a padded bottom that keeps you cool and comfortable on long outings. There are spare bottle mounts seat frame to let you carry plenty of hydration for the long hauls.

Sunseeker Homepage

Sunseeker Eco Tad SX


One response

  1. Great new design, and I suspect the main frames square tubular backbone to be very sturdy, however I am not particularly thrilled in the seats rear adjustable angular support…. I just think it subtracts from the overall aesthetic design..! Although this trike maybe easy for customising, and as all trikes, drive trains can be swapped out for other more useful drive trains, you can expect that feature with almost any bike design.. Now if you need to do a swapout, what does that generally mean…? To me it means, I was unhappy with that part of this particular bikes design.. No big deal..! As a triker shopper I will first look at its sticker price, and then start to pick apart the design flaws, as well as it’s aesthetic appeal.. Lastly although for the most part it’s paint may be very cost efficient, but I also feel is very generic… Oh and not to forget the handlebars design, I think they are spot on, with its ball bearings making it for a smooth turn, that’s just great to me… As for their adjustment capabilities, I find that to be a very pleasing design, because we all know everyone has their own thoughts on where their comfort level of steering lies, so why not have an adjustment added for that purpose, and who knows it may even lead to a design that all trikes will incorporate as well…!
    This is only my view of this particular trike, and by no means, a shot at any company, or bike store, for their interest into this particular design, they are only trying to fulfill demand, of its shoppers… I on the other hand, I am just voicing an opinion, nothing more, I just love to ride, and if you ask me, I will tell you.. But if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t ask…!

    October 24, 2015 at 3:10 pm