The Copenhagen Wheel

Check out this innovative wheel. Is it suited for your type of situation?

If you like this, learn more HERE.


About Desert Dune

Adam Lee (known as Desert Dune) was one of three correspondents who assisted Steve with updating the Badwater or Bust blog in 2009, while Steve was pedaling to and through Death Valley National Park on his ICE Q tricycle. Adam continues to fill in now and then as necessary while Steve is out exploring.
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2 Responses to The Copenhagen Wheel

  1. Dana Botkin says:

    Seems to require rim brakes.

  2. armadillozack says:

    As it is a good thing, to assist some riders, I do not see it workable for others… I say this because of the fact, that in order to add this assistance to your already existent bike, you would need to remove your wheel, with all it’s gearing, especially wheels in which house gearing within it’s hub.. Hence you now lose those gears that had cost you in some instances, up to $ 8 or maybe $900.00 dollars if not more, so that you already can travel fast, and without hard labor, in order to achieve higher speeds… So now this useful device is no longer a viable product to some cyclist…! But still yet there is a market for motor assistance of this type, by that which is known as the beach cruiser, or other bike cruisers of single speed.. The beach cruiser being of a large frame bike with a single gear is most apt with this type motor, as has most of us already know who live along the U.S. shores at times it gets a little hot in temperature, and harder to pedal these lumbering behemoths, so a motor of this type should be a most welcome addition to those who ride the beach cruiser or other bikes whom only provide a single speed … Whatever the case maybe, it is a viable product to some, and a hinder to others…

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