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Latest JaYoe update from Matt Galat

JaYoe Matt GalatHey there Adam, Steve, and Trike Asylum three wheelers!

Well I am still in Ningbo, China…. and things are getting frustrating. Not sure if you heard, but on my way back from my “going away party” on September 16th, I was riding the trike and trailer back over an overpass fully loaded, and I was hearing some weird grinding noises from my new Schlumpf HSD front gearing assembly. My total rolling weight now is about 500 pounds (227 kilograms), and I was a little worried the drive was not coping very well with such a heavy load (my knees are still okay though).

I talked to Schlumpf and they recommended that I upgrade to a High Speed Drive BCD 110. They said it was welded, not pressed together, and this should add the strength necessary to keep the gears from having any problems. The drive arrived about a week ago, but we are on a national holiday here in China and I’m waiting for the bike shop to open up so I can use their torque wrench to make the swap.

I also heard from my friend Ryan again. I am working on getting him set up with a Trek touring bike and gear, and also getting him a traveling visa to china. When he gets here, I’ll start the tour with him. Should be an interesting comparison between a trike and bike, and I’ll have someone watching my back for the foreseeable future. We will see how it goes.

The negative is that I have to wait for him to get here… and in waiting… I lose the ability to get up to South Korea and Japan. It will just be too cold to get up there before cold weather sets in. :( I was really looking forward to Korea and Japan… they are awesome countries for cycling….

Anyway…. a couple new things.

I changed the website a little. I added some videos on the front page, and hopefully made some things more interactive. I am working with a developer to change my “blog” page, which should be done soon. I don’t like the current layout, and will make the new one a little more user friendly.

I added a PODCAST to the trip as well. It will be a regular audio podcast that will get more into the details of traveling.. as well as talking with fellow travelers. I call it “The JaYoe Nation Podcast” It can be found on iTunes, Android and my RSS feed, HERE. Links for the other feeds can be found on my front page (if JaYoe is down temporarily, check back – site is being upgraded).

Beyond that I am working on the “Season 2” opener of the JaYoe Travelogues. It will open up the status of what I am at now, and tie in the accident and this past year. Should be cool. A bit more “cinematic” from some of my previous videos. I am hoping with the addition of Ryan and the Podcast, I can have a little more time to dedicate to less frequent and higher quantity videos, so I can focus more on the act of traveling.

JaYoe my friends! Matt

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  1. All the best Matt. Looking forward to your ongoing adventures :-)

    October 9, 2015 at 7:29 am