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Recumbent cyclists ride in Brisbane Australia

This looks like a great place to ride. The group has several velomobiles, both two and three wheeled, riding with standard recumbent bicycles and tricycles. Near the end, they ride along the ocean. From my point of view, it’s interesting to note the side of the road on which they ride compared to Americans. Thanks to Mary for the tip on this movie! She says the ride is from Nundah Criterium Carpark to Woody Point Old Brisbane (for those of you who know this region). I like that there are no cars!


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  1. armadillozack

    Great video…! I enjoyed it immensely… I had thoughts about making the move and buying a Velomobile, but I soon found out they are rare in the US, and nearly all that where, did not hold a candle to their European cousins… So needless to say I lost interest because, the European models were hard to import, or at least those whom I had talked to, or emailed had said they had difficulties in past with trying to import to the U.S…. So I said forget it…! I am sure that my new Fat Cat Q-4 from Utah trikes will do the job just great, and I will be just as happy, or even more.. Enjoy this video folks, because I think it was a good view of the road through the velodrivers eye’s, and it somewhat gives you the feeling that you are in the velo with the driver… It’s very interesting…!

    October 7, 2015 at 10:57 am