Maybe now is a good time …

You’ll never be younger than you are right now. Don’t wait to do whatever excites you.


About Desert Dune

Adam Lee (known as Desert Dune) was one of three correspondents who assisted Steve with updating the Badwater or Bust blog in 2009, while Steve was pedaling to and through Death Valley National Park on his ICE Q tricycle. Adam continues to fill in now and then as necessary while Steve is out exploring.
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One Response to Maybe now is a good time …

  1. I think it was Nat King Cole who sang the song, Fairy Tales can come true, I could happen to you, If your young at heart… Well I don’t think like I am my age, And I had a girlfriend who had told me time, and time again, to act my age, and I have always felt in my heart that I was to young to grow old… The body is worn, and I have feet of clay, an artificial knee, more pins and rods then I care to remember, and a pharmacy collection of medication, that sustains my health, So the doctor tells me… But ask me if I want to go on the new roller coaster, at Universal Theme Park, and I’ll ask you where the line begins…? So you tell me, Am I old…?

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