archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

Arctic Expedition (no trikes – sorry)


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  1. armadillozack

    At first I had thought it was a promo for Sovereign Of The Seas Cruise Line, But then I was seeing all these beautiful video shots of the Arctic, and antarctic I believe, and was totally confused, although it did say it was not about trikes… I watched in eager anticipation just to see what was next because of the beautiful photography, and enjoyed the whales singing so much I had to restart that spot a couple of times because I found it so interesting… But all in all, it was a great video, and I enjoyed it immensely…I just want to know how we have gotten to the arctic and antarctic reigns from triking in by any means.. What is it you are trying to say with this video, Is this a public announcement try to recruit people to help save this beautiful reign..? Save the wild life …? I mean don’t get me wrong there is nothing more important then they beautiful unspoiled lands and seas of the arctic and antarctic reigns, as well as I believe there was some footage of the African cost as well and may be even some rain forest, I just don’t know what message you are trying to convey here… And I’m not trying to break your stones either, just by nature I am very curious, and try to see through someone else’s eye’s as to what it is they see and I’m kind of lost on this one because there was only little foot notes on the bottom of the video and nothing to suggest as to which direction we are going with this video… But I did love it as I am a very big animal lover and I have a infinite obsession with photography.. As I am a very amateur photographer my self… But as I said great video…..!
    Thank You…! Armadillozack

    September 20, 2015 at 3:54 pm

  2. Desert Dune

    No message except to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous imagery – simple as that. Sounds like you accomplished that objective well Armadillozack. Yes, this planet is stunning in many ways.

    September 21, 2015 at 7:44 am