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TOT – Trikes On Texada (Island, Canada)

Canadian triker Glen Aldridge recently returned from a wonderful recumbent tricycle tour with his friend Rob, taking ferries to Texada Island for some relaxing pedaling through the incredible woods and scenery. Here is Glen’s report:


August 2015

Here are photos and explanation from our trike tour to Texada Island, between Vancouver Island & the Mainland, in Canada. The trip included several ferry connections, lots of hills which all seemed to go UP, a near miss with a cougar, a couple of new records for me, 235kms & fantastic weather…….IN CANADA!

Photo explanations:

#1- My friend Rob & I starting out from Parksville, BC
#2- Why is it my hills are always UP?
#3,#4- After 80kms on our first day out we finally make the ferry
#5- After arriving on Texada Island we were greeted with this 8% – 1 1/2km Monster that I called Hamburger Hill since that’s what my legs felt like in the heat.
#6,#7,#8- At one of several campsites where some nice old ladies having a meeting gave us dinner
#9- Nothing quite like touring beside the ocean on a beautiful day
#10- Cougar Trail, where we were informed by a couple that a cougar was spread out on a bank of trees above us. Being low to the ground I guess we looked like an easy catch. To show my concern I asked the couple if they knew how old she was? :)
#11- After a long day riding nothing beats an ice cold glass of dark beer
#12- A trip all too short after breaking 2 personal records – 80kms/hr. & my first metric century.

Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 1

Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 2Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 3Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 4Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 5Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 6Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 7Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 8Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 9Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 10Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 11Glen Aldridge 2015 Texada Tour 12This story and photos are always available on Glen’s Trike Asylum page HERE (under the Rider Stories main menu item). Glen has an awesome spot of Earth for triking!

2 responses

  1. Sounds like you really had a great trip…! Was this a whole weekend trip or just the day, reason I ask is that I’m seeing some tents but no mention if you stayed the night or toured the whole island in just the day.. Either way it’s sound like you had fun, and I guess that is the more important thing.. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us…I love when I hear people are having fun with their trikes, and their trip went over without a hitch…

    September 9, 2015 at 1:47 pm

  2. daytriker

    Hi Zak, this trip was 5 days in total but 3 days were spent on Texada Island. One day was spent in an around Powell River due to a change in the ferry schedule & 1/2 day each way to & from Parksville, BC. Although we didn’t make the entire coverage of Texada we still had a lot of fun. Texada has some wonderful hills & after 80kms of riding with a full load the prospect of ascending one more *#@+++ hill in 80 degree temperatures with legs that felt like hamburger just wasn’t going to happen. So we settled for a couple of nearby campgrounds. :) Canada’s west coast Gulf Islands & the U.S. San Juan Islands offer some ideal triking & camping areas. You can also pick up a Finer Recliner headrest from Vashon Island should you ever decide to make the trip yourself.

    September 14, 2015 at 1:50 pm