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The Laidback Bike Report featuring Rolf Garthus

There is an online service called the Laidback Bike Report, and it has live broadcasts with interviews of folks in the recumbent industry. On September 13, just days from now, Rolf Garthus, owner of the famous Hostel Shoppe recumbent supply megastore in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, will be one of the two featured interviewees. You won’t want to miss hearing all that Rolf has to say about recumbents, having been involved with cycling for over 30 years. This is part of the “Pillars of the Recumbent Industry” interview series hosted by Laidback Bike Report. Be sure to tune in HERE.

Rolf Garthus Hostel ShoppeIconic Rolf at his Hostel Shoppe

On the Laidback Bike Report website, you can also access past shows and special reports. Here is what Laidback Bike Report says on their website:

What the Heck is The Laidback Bike Report?

Recumbent bike riding is about people. Bent riders have cool bikes, go to interesting places and have fascinating stories to tell. That’s the basis of the Laidback Bike Report. Sure, we’ll talk about bent issues and news. Yes, we’ll take a look at hardware and have tips and tricks you can use each month. But our show is built around the interviews. We will continue to get the personal side from recumbent folks adventure riding around the world. We will delve into the minds of industry leaders, shop owners, and event organizers who are hoping to attract your attention with their wares. We’ll ask them to turn their cameras around and show us their surroundings, facilities, or latest prototype. This is how we hope to make our show worthy of an hour of your precious time every month.

We do this broadcast live so that we can see your comments and have your questions answered on the spot. This is an interactive endeavor and is not complete without audience participation. Please join us every month as we bring you our very best attempt at the Laidback Bike Report.

Laidback Bike ReportClick the image to visit the website, then scroll down for interview audio.


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  1. This seems to be as good a spot as any for my question, because I am not the one for electrics..My question is this what headlight does the laid back bike report suggest as an outstanding bright light headlight that gives you your moneys worth and lasts a long time before batteries need to be charged…?

    September 7, 2015 at 3:17 pm

  2. Hay their doing bike reports, why not…?

    September 7, 2015 at 3:19 pm