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Recumbent PDX – formerly Coventry Cycle Works

Recumbent PDX 4As of January 2015, Coventry Cycle Works is owned and expertly operated by Mel and Janet Birgé, and the business has a new name: Recumbent PDX. The facility has been renovated, and is open for all you regional trike fanatics to visit. Recumbent PDX stocks these recumbent cycles: Catrike, HP Velotechnik, AZUB, Bacchetta, Steintrike, Greenspeed, Hase, and TerraTrike. Don’t just research trikes online.  Visit the new showroom to Test Drive and Compare nearly every model of Trike or Recumbent Bike from these premium manufactures and more. Can’t beat that deal. Here is a presentation by Electric Bike Review, introducing the all new Recumbent PDX:

From the Recumbent PDX website comes this information:

With over 90 Recumbent Bikes and Recumbent Trikes in stock, RecumbentPDX has the broadest selection and the largest inventory of Recumbent Bicycles and Trikes in the Pacific Northwest. RecumbentPDX is a full-service retail bike shop with great mechanics and fitters, and all of the accessories you’ll need to get you out on the road.  After discussing your needs, wants and budget, we’ll size your choices for test rides. Our large inventory ensures that, if you like what you test, our superb fitters can have you riding your Recubent Bike or Trike the same day!

Recumbent PDX 1

Looking for an HP Velotechnik Gekko? Mel and Janet will get you outfitted.

RecumbentPDX is located at the intersection of SE Hawthorne Blvd and SE 20th Ave., the location of the former home of the famed Coventry Cycle Works, and is familiar to a generation of Northwest Recumbent Bike riders.  The Largest Selection of Trikes and Recumbents in the Rose City or Seattle, Washington  No bike shop has more Trikes ready to test drive anywhere in the Northwest including B.C. Canada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Northern California and Utah. Trikes and Recumbent Bikes are all we sell and service.

Recumbent PDX 2 Recumbent PDX 3Hours:
Open: Wed.- Fri. 11am till 6pm
Open: Sat. 11am till 5pm
Open: Sun. 12pm till 5pm
Mon-Tue by appointment (For test rides, please arrive at least 1 hour prior to store close.)

RecumbentPDX is located in SE Portland at 2025 SE Hawthorne Ave. Portland, Oregon 97214. Click here for directions.

Phone:  (503) 231-1000

Test Rides: Please come dressed in comfortable clothing for your test ride, and you may bring your own helmet or borrow one of ours. Please allow ample time to try various models. You will be asked to leave your driver’s license and sign our disclaimer.

Appointments: Monday and Tuesday are appointment-only days. If you need dedicated help to customize your solution, would like our staff to accompany you on a test ride or need an adaptive consultation, we will set up an appointment with our mechanics or our adaptive cycling specialist. Please note that a consultation fee might apply to an adaptive cycling consultation. Email or call 503 231-1000 to schedule.

Out of town visits: If you are traveling to Portland from out of town, we want to accommodate your schedule, please call ahead if you need to schedule an appointment.

Service Department: We offer repairs, tune-ups and upgrades for Trikes and Recumbent Bikes.

Estimating: Repair estimates are provided in-store (sorry, we can’t guess over the phone). Only repairs that impact your immediate riding safety will be addressed on walk-in basis and we will do our best to accommodate you. For all other work, we will write up a work description and ask you to leave your bike for our mechanic to examine. Our repair estimates are based on $80.00 per mechanic hour with a 1/3 hour minimum charge. Bikes/trikes purchased from RecumbentPDX receive a 20% discount ($64.00) on labor rates. We will provide a prompt estimate of price and scheduling and keep you updated once the repair work begins. We use both email and cell texting to ensure prompt communication. Please make sure we have the correct contact information for you.

Weekend Scheduling: During busy weekend hours our mechanics will only be available for accessory installs, fittings and emergency repairs.  If you are traveling to Portland to have your recumbent bike or trike repaired, please schedule an appointment in advance.

Parts and Special Orders: We stock most repair parts for the manufacturers we represent. We are able to special order stock items at your request. All non-stock orders and associated special order charges must be pre-paid.

Service for Upright Bikes: We are Portland’s only full-service recumbent shop, so our recumbent customers always take priority.

Note to Coventry Cycle Works (CCW) customers:  We will honor warranty claims for recumbent bikes/trikes accompanied with original receipt (sorry, RecumbentPDX has no Coventry Cycle Works records).

It is our MISSION to meet your needs, budget and
expectations for the best bike and customer service!

You can always find Recumbent PDX on the Trike Asylum “BUY” page.


2 responses

  1. Roger Premoe

    Note: If you purchase a trike there you will be charged $150 for them to assemble it!

    August 31, 2015 at 7:23 pm

  2. armadillozack

    Well I wish them the best of luck in their new chosen line of profession… And I am glad to have not seen their web site before I had time to make my decision in my new trusty stead.. Because I would have not hesitated at any point, and have gone directly for the Mad Max Steintrike..! I don’t know if any one has seen their video, on their trikes.. They are very.. Let’s just say action packed.. I saw their video a long time ago and was so thrilled by the action that I set forth a quest to find someone in the U.S.A. who would sell me one… If you watch their video you will see Steintrikes flying through the air on a jump that intersects the path that a rider is on, clearing it with no problem and at least 2 to 3 feet of the ground.. Very impressive, and if you see the front suspension on this trike you will understand how this German trike built in Czechoslovakia manages to survive the jumps with out splitting the welds in it’s frame… I have to say The Czech Republic has come a long way since the 30’s and 40’s where their machining industry was a joke at best… I mean, you must have heard Dad or Granpa passing unfaltering things about some of the cheap junk that came out of the Czech Republic during, and after WWII.. Well this may not be any thing that will make up for all those bad pieces of equipment during that sad time, but it is a great start…! I’m sorry I have totally deviated from the topic here, and I do apologize for that.. But it is hard to be on a triker’s website and see a trike, or advertisement for a trike that you totally admire and not say anything about it.. Now Mel and Janet I wish you all the best and as I said the best of luck to you’s both in your new chosen profession.. And I can’t wait to see your online website grow as I hope your business will…

    August 31, 2015 at 10:49 pm