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Mr. Tuffy tire liners for flat-free exploring

My ICE Full Fat extreme monster trike is designed to be ridden in the outback, the wilder the better, and it is fully my intent to do so. Of course, out there in the backcountry, there are tire gremlins all over the place, those little obscure items that find their way through the tire’s carcass and into the inner tube. The result is what we know as a flat tire, although a flat inner tube would be more precise.

Being that I have never had a flat tire on a trike during my years of riding these fun machines, and being that I prefer to remain flat-free for all my triking days, and knowing full well that the wilds of Planet Earth hold a variety of objects that can puncture a tire and tube, I have chosen to use Mr. Tuffy tire liners to protect all that precious air in the three Schwalbe inner tubes mounted on Bigfoot.

I have installed the 4XL size of Mr. Tuffys in all my tires. Installing tire liners on this ICE Full Fat is super easy compared to my former ICE Q and Catrike 700, due to the incredible malleability of these monster tires. The front two can be installed simply by resting the trike on its side, without even having to remove the wheel from the trike. I did install the rear Mr. Tuffy without removing the wheel as an experiment, but that attempt ended in failure, as I could not get the liner satisfactorily positioned. So, I ended up removing the rear wheel and did the work on the workbench.

ICE Full Fat Mr Tuffy 1Here, I have the Topeak floor pump in hand to reinflate the tube.

ICE Full Fat Mr Tuffy 2Using two cardboard boxes keeps the hub from being marred on the pavement, and it also stabilizes the trike while working on the upper wheel, tube, and tire.

ICE Full Fat Mr Tuffy 3Mr. Tuffy fatrike tire liners are worth their added weight if you don’t like flats!

View more on Bigfoot HERE.

3 responses

  1. Steve, do you use talcum powder inside of the tires and on the inner tubes when you install the Mr. Tuffy liners? I have found that it helped immensely. If I failed to use it then I got flats caused by the liner itself where it overlaps itself.The talcum powder helps as the inner tube moves about inside the tire rubbing on that overlap joint. I am totally amazed that you say you have never had any flats. I have had many dozens of them in the past. Once I started using the Mr. Tuffy liners I got fewer flats, but I still got them. And several flats were caused by the liners. Once I started using the Marathon Plus tires I no longer got flats. However, I have had two flats as a result of the inner tubes simply failing … not from puncture. At least one of those failures was a result of the Mr. Tuffy liner causing it. I removed the liners as they are not needed in the Marathon Plus tires. Since then I have not had anymore problems with flats. STEVE

    August 21, 2015 at 5:41 am

  2. armadillozack

    I too find it amazing that you have not experienced the Ooh so hated side of the road why does the powers to be’ hate me so much syndrome when receiving a flat from that dammed roofer’s nail that was so callously discarded in the direction of your trusted steads oncoming path…! I know from personal experience during my child hood, as well on in to my adult years, How many times I have exclaimed those blasphemed words along side the road, as I yanked out that fastener from my tire, with all sorts of expletives only to scream so more when I realize that I’m going to have the devil a time to find that hole again… You must be the most sheltered by those higher powers, to not have experienced this phenomena.. I do like the suggestion offered by Mr.Newbauer, with the use of that talcum powder to make the over lapping ends some what more in-cohesive where they will slip buy those over lapping ends, and not chafe the tire as it’s pliability expands, and contracts with the deformities of the oncoming road.. And as I sit here writing this comment, it comes to me, why not a piece of duct tape on those unforgiving lapped ends as well, wouldn’t that work in conjunction with the use of talcum powder..? I mean it would go to figure after putting a piece of duct tape and then the use of talcum that the two over lapping ends would slide by more freely and yet not wear through a hole on the inner tube.. I like it, and will give it a try as I receive my trusty stead either at the closing of this month, or the beginning of the up coming month.. Well ahead of time, then I had been expecting… So gentlemen I leave you with those thoughts, and further wish you many a mile of flat-less exploration on this beautiful planet of ours…


    August 21, 2015 at 3:02 pm

  3. stevencbradley

    I’ve used Mr. Tuffy’s for years. They really work well. Have to be properly installed, though.

    August 21, 2015 at 6:12 pm